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Manchester Squirrel Treatment

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Pest control for squirrels, and the damage that can happen


Public opinion on squirrels is divided: some people love to see these agile little performers leaping nimbly from tree to tree or using their cunning to defeat the seemingly squirrel-proof bird feeder; to other people, there’s little distinction between squirrels and rats, apart from the bushy tails! And while rats tend to be more active at night which means that they are less often spotted despite their large numbers, squirrels are more active during the daytime which means you may be more aware of their activity in your area.


Squirrels can also be quite tame, taking food offered to them directly by human hand, although as Manchester Pest Control will outline for you in this blog, there can be associated health risks as with any outdoor animal. And you may want to think twice before getting too friendly with these little mischief makers in case they decide to set up home under your roof with disastrous consequences!


Grey vs Red – some facts


The grey squirrel has become a highly visible sight in the UK since it first found its way to our shores only within the last 150 years. Initially thought of as exotic by the Victorians, the grey squirrel has now become so widespread that it has significantly driven down the numbers of native red squirrels. Manchester Pest Control has a bit of a soft spot for the poor red squirrel, which is a smaller, prettier looking, shier sort of creature that now only survives in small pockets in the north of England, with 75% of the population in Scotland where the greys are less prevalent. In addition to competing more successfully for available food stocks (seeds, buds and insects) grey squirrels carry a virus which they are immune to but which can be deadly for the reds.


The red squirrel is protected by law and it is a criminal act to kill, capture, or cause injury to a red squirrel, or disturb and destroy places where they breed or rest. Grey squirrels are not afforded the same degree of protection in this country due to their far greater numbers, although there are strict rules about holding them in captivity without a special licence, unless the captive grey is being transported directly to a vet to be put down humanely. Releasing captured grey squirrels back into the wild is also an offence without an appropriate licence to do so.


Squirrels and Us


The virus that grey squirrels carry is not known to be harmful to humans, although it is recommended that if you come into contact with a squirrel you should wash your hands afterwards. Exposure to squirrel urine and faeces may cause salmonella poisoning if accidentally consumed. Squirrels can also administer a nasty bite, so think twice before feeding even the tamest seeming of them. In fact, Manchester Pest Control strongly advise that you get a tetanus jab if bitten by a squirrel. And like many outdoor animals, squirrels can carry parasites in their fur, such as fleas and ticks, which you don’t want to get bitten by either!


The risk of exposure to these various health hazards is only heightened by close proximity to squirrels that comes when they invade our homes. This is accompanied by even greater risks, as we’ll now see…


Squirrels and Our Homes


All homes in the Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas are equally at risk from squirrel infestation – if they find somewhere they like the look of during a cold spell or when searching out a potential nesting site away from predators, these bushy-tailed pests are experts at breaking and entering. We’ve already mentioned being bitten by squirrels, but did you know that the teeth of a squirrel continue to grow throughout their entire life? These sharp front teeth could grow ridiculously out of proportion were it not for the squirrel’s constant compulsion to chew and gnaw, and this includes eating their way into your roof!


If a squirrel finds a weak spot on your roof, they will exploit it to gain access. This is of course assuming that there isn’t already a hole big enough for them to easily get in and out of in the first place, so watch out for loose and fallen roof tiles and any signs of damage following a storm, or just general wear and tear over the years. If a squirrel spots the weakness first, they can be inside your loft space in a shot, and will continue to nibble away at vital roof beams, insulation materials, electricity cables – anything they come across, including items and heirlooms you have stored away for safe keeping.


It has not been unknown for a fire to start after a squirrel has chewed through electrical wiring, so we should add arson to the list of potential crimes these pests can exact on your property. The presence of a nest can only guarantee a whole load of trouble for you and your home once the baby squirrels are born and start to explore their immediate environment.


Manchester Pest Control, coming to your rescue


You may be tempted to deal with a squirrel infestation yourself, but we would urge you to reconsider. As we’ve already noted, there are legal considerations that you must abide by, but there are also a variety of practical considerations. For instance, if you attempt to block off the entry point while an adult grey squirrel is away, it will go to great efforts to get back to its young in the nest and this could result in further damage to your property. The dependent young will also die if separated from their parents, so it is important for you to consider how you would feel about causing this to happen, and then having to dispose of the bodies.


Manchester Pest Control can take the worry away from you and your family. We can run a thorough check for the presence of a nest in your roof space before any attempt is made to seal the point of entry; we can ensure that any captured grey squirrels are taken away and disposed of humanely; and we can provide you with sound advice and assistance on rodent proofing to ensure that you do not experience a repeat of the problem. If you live in Manchester, Stockport or Cheshire, and are concerned about what squirrels may be doing to your home, be sure to contact Manchester Pest Control – we’re here to help.

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We do not use sign written vehicles and will be discreet at all times when dealing with your pest problem. All pest control work is guaranteed, Treatments are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including bank holidays. We will also advise on any pest proofing issues and how to avoid pest problems in the future. We all want what's best for our family and to protect our home. Apart from the danger to health, many pests can also cause extensive structural damage, as well as an offensive odour. Before you go down the DIY route, why not give us a call to see how we can help? You have nothing to lose! We all want what's best for our family and to protect our home. Apart from the danger to health, many pests can also cause extensive structural damage, as well as an offensive odour. Before you go down the DIY route, why not give us a call to see how we can help? You have nothing to lose!

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People and companies think they can treat the pest problem themselves, only to find that they make the infestation worse by purchasing products from DIY outlets with a poor percentage of insecticide. This may prove to be an expensive waste of time and money. Manchester Squirrel Treatment Manchester Squirrel Treatment & Pest Control provides an effective solution to your pest control problem with advice to prevent any infestation recurring.

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