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Mice can threaten your health

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Mice can threaten your health

Cartoons and movies tend to give mice a much better reputation than they truly deserve. More so than their larger cousin the rat, who we’ll talk about at a later time. Although they might be smaller, mice are just as big a problem – in fact they can fit into smaller places than rats and so are more likely to find a way into your home. Their presence can go undetected for quite some time. But once they have found somewhere warm where food is readily available, they will very quickly breed and begin to wreak havoc on your property from behind the scenes (and within the walls!) We strongly advise you rid your home of mice before they become a major nuisance.

Rest assured, we’re not talking about household pets here! If you or any children in the family have a caged mouse, the main thing you need to remember is to wash your hands after handling or feeding it, and to clean out its cage on a regular basis. At the same time, do be aware that if wild mice are at loose in your home, any infections they carry could spread to pets that they come into contact with. And this also extends to you and your family if you consume food or touch surfaces that have been contaminated by mice. If you receive a bite from a wild mouse, we would urge you to get a tetanus jab as soon as possible to be on the safe side.

Still not convinced? Believe us when we say it, mice can eat their way through almost anything! (including electrical wiring, plaster walls, clothing and furniture) You would be surprised at their climbing ability and the seemingly ‘off-limits’ areas this enables them to gain access to. They can feast on stray crumbs dropped on the floor, but can just as easily squeeze into a cupboard or climb onto a shelf where food is stored, and will eat their way through cardboard or plastic packaging to get to the food within. They will urinate and defecate while they explore, and if you consume food polluted by their urine, this can cause damage to your liver and kidneys.

A single mouse on its own might look cute and vulnerable to some people, especially children, who should be discouraged from trying to touch or pick it up if it is an invader and not a pet. If you find a mouse or evidence of one, we would encourage you to contact us here at Manchester Pest Control and we will take steps to eradicate all invading mice from your property before their presence causes costly damage or ill health. There are of course a variety of traditional and humane traps on the market that you could try out, but few live up to the promise on the packaging or offer the same guarantee that we do.

To residents in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire we say: if you want to banish these pests from your home, give Manchester Pest Control a call today.

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