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Pest control for schools in our region


This latest appeal from Manchester Pest Control goes out to headmasters, teachers, school governors and parents. And, we should add, children too, although we appreciate they may be more likely to be busy Facebooking (or heaven forbid, doing their homework!)


There are well over 200 primary and secondary schools in the Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport areas and many of these are at risk from infestations that can pose a health danger to children and staff, in addition to compromising the structural integrity of school buildings. There are major health, cost and reputational implications for any school that does not take suitable precautions. The National Union of Teachers has issued its own guidance on this matter which reinforces everything we have to tell you here.


As the leading providers of pest control services in your area, Manchester Pest Control has a duty-bound responsibility to assist those who act responsively by engaging our services. Read on to find out more about the invading pests and how to keep them at bay.


Why our schools?


You might ask yourself what the dangers could possibly be and why they should target our nation’s schools in particular? Put simply, vermin such as rats, mice, squirrels,  birds, and insects (including ants, wasps and fleas) are indiscriminate about where they set up home – the main factors that drive them are the need for food and somewhere to live in comfort. Once they have found these things, they will be in no hurry to leave, may defend their territory aggressively, and will inevitably breed. They will breed often and with large broods, and by this point there is no avoiding the fact that your school has an infestation problem.


When you think about the amount of litter and food waste that can accumulate around a school playground each day, in addition to the leftovers from the canteen which have to be put out for collection, these are some of the things that will attract vermin. Canteen and cleaning staff should naturally ensure they keep kitchen surfaces clean, store food away properly, not leave doors and windows open, and floors should be regularly swept – all as part of a daily routine. If staff do not follow the correct procedures, preferring to take short cuts or assuming there is little risk, this can be just one way that the problem begins.


What steps can be taken?


We would expect every school to have a policy on cleanliness and pest control, with certain members of staff having the role of overseers, although other staff should be encouraged to report issues as and when they arise. Vigilance is key, as with the kind of fixed routine we’ve already outlined above for kitchen and cleaning staff. People need to understand there will be a consequence to their actions. For instance, rubbish stored outside should be placed in secure bins that absolutely must not be left propped open for convenience as this will only provide a mode of access for vermin.


School buildings, especially outbuildings, may not be as secure as we prefer our homes to be. It does not take much for a rat or mouse to get into a building made of wood, particularly if the wood has not been treated and is showing signs of wear and tear. Cockroaches will feed off human faeces as well as food rubbish, and may invade toilet areas if appropriate cleaning measures are not taken or sewers or drains become blocked. Roof spaces should be inspected in case flying vermin have gained access – bear in mind that mammals and birds will carry fleas and other parasites that can rapidly spread to carpets and furniture.


Of course, the bigger the school, the greater the area that needs to be patrolled, and the larger the number of entry points by which vermin can gain access. So even if you have a sound policy in place and staff are complying with it, there may still be occasions when you are unavoidably too late to prevent an infestation taking hold.


Manchester Pest Control: Taking swift and effective action


We urge you to contact Manchester Pest Control as soon as possible if you become aware of an infestation on your school premises.


Do not attempt to deal with the problem yourself or permit others to try and fix it even if they think they know what they’re doing. Be certain to close off the affected area so that staff and pupils are not exposed to risk. If the infestation has been located close to or within an area where food is normally prepared or consumed, on no account should you permit meals to be served until the area has been pronounced safe. In this regard it may be necessary to temporarily close the school, which may seem like a drastic course of action but it has to be preferable to the worst case scenario of children and adults becoming infected from exposure to harmful bacteria, or being scratched, bitten or stung depending on the nature of the infestation.


Manchester Pest Control offers a swift and immediate response service to schools in the Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport areas. For many years now we have worked at disposing of the different forms of vermin that can plague our local schools. When faced with a particular type of invasive pest, we know its habits and can effectively trace nesting sites and any other areas that the infestation may be on the verge of spreading to. We will use the correct tools, insecticides or pesticides for the job and will work thoroughly and methodically until we can be certain that the job is complete. This also extends to providing advice to you about when it is safe for the affected area of the school to be reoccupied, and what steps you may need to take to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.


ManchesterPest Control: Committed to making playtime, and learning, safe for the children (and their teachers) in our region.

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