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Dealing with Pests that can survive Nuclear blasts!
Cockroaches are said to be able to survive a nuclear bomb – there are strong elements of truth in that statement so what chance does the average home or business owner have against a cockroach infestation? Not a lot – cockroaches are masters at hide and seek, and with a life span of around a year but producing up to 400 babies in that time, you really do need a sledge hammer to crack a nut! In other words, call in trained and experienced professionals like Manchester Pest Control. They have access to powerful pesticides that are otherwise unobtainable and of course are trained and insured to use them safely and efficiently making sure your cockroaches are totally gone.
UK Cockroaches
We have two types in the UK – German cockroaches and oriental cockroaches. Both are similar in size, like a flattened oval shape up to 2 inches in length, and very active at night, making them hard to see. Both shed their skeletons (at least it’s not dead skin lying around!?!?) which looks very disturbing and leave the equivalent of “egg shells” everywhere. German roaches are very agile – they can swim, fly a little and have no problem moving and climbing on slippery, smooth, shiny surfaces. Oriental roaches, darker in colour than the German variety, are not so talented – so they can be drowned or “easier” to deal with – in theory! Cockroaches can hold their breath for over 30 minutes, live for a week after being decapitated and if trying to starve them it takes over a week for them to be affected by lack of food. Both varieties will eat anything and everywhere is their bathroom. Their favourite locations are dirty, dark places like sewers so it’s no surprise they can be carriers of germs causing food poisoning, dysentery, and typhoid to name but a few.
How do I know there are cockroaches in my house?
As mentioned, their love of the dark makes them hard to spot. You may come across egg cases, shedded skeletons, droppings (ground coffee/black pepper like) and smear marks can also be seen or you may just hear them scuttling about at night. Turn the light on and open your eyes fast enough and you may glimpse them running to hide. Sometimes an almond odour is noticeable. Eventually if left unchecked, sheer numbers increases your chances of visible sightings even in day light hours.
Ridding the Room of ‘Roaches!
While the basic method of hitting it with something hard and heavy works in theory, it is unlikely to be practical or effective. Online suggestions of setting out jars of water to drown them again won’t work on our swimming variety. Sticky strips can be used to stop them in their tracks but you have the unpleasant job of dealing with remains. Boric Acid Powder has been shown to have some effective, killing them when they pick it up on their legs and spread it to others but sprinkling acid powder throughout a property has risks. Best approach is to call the professionals who may use an industrial fogger which gets into every crack although humans/animals cannot be the area for a specified time period. Manchester Pest Control are happy to provide quotes and discuss all options fully, as well as confirm the presence of cockroaches in a property. Their value for money service will include advice on longer term preventative measures. Trained technicians will thoroughly audit the area and highlight cracks or holes where cockroaches may gain entry to the building and provide advice on possible food sources and hygiene matters that may be attracting cockroaches towards the property in the first place.
So don’t give cockroaches a zone in your home – don’t delay, call Manchester Pest Control today.

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