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Fleas – Present in your Home

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Keeping flea’s out of your home
Fleas are a common pest that even the best kept pets can end up experiencing! Not only are they very hard to see and very efficient and rapid breeders, their ability to jump – as far as eight inches – means jumping from one animal to another while out and about is easy then a short “animal taxi” later they are ready to invade your home. It is also possible for non-pet owners to experience fleas in their homes. Flea eggs can fall off any animal or transfer onto carpets, furniture, anywhere really. These eggs will turn into adults without any assistance, and when grown the adults will look for the nearest warm blood source. These cunning little insects can turn up where you least expect them – many innocent encounters such as stroking a friendly stray cat or buying a second hand armchair can provide a way in for fleas.
Following good practise with a vet recommended flea prevention program is a great first step to preventing an infestation in the house if you have a pet, as well as good hygiene practise and frequent thorough washing/hovering of pet bedding and carpets. If you are unlucky enough to experience fleas in the home, Manchester Pest Control can assist in removing the pests with a value for money, efficient service.
Think you have found one?
Humans are unlikely to see a flea on their animal without close inspection unless the infestation is severe. Fleas are small dark “dots” and can be seen upon special brushing with a fine flea comb, or if the animal’s fur is parted down to the skin and examined closely, the fleas may just be visible. In reality you are more like to see the animal scratching frequently or even notice small red itchy bites on your own skin! Another clue fleas are present can be black dust particles on your dogs skin or on surfaces nearby – if you sprinkle water on this dust and it turns into a reddish blotch it is in fact flea dirt comprising of the blood they feasted on! For every flea, there is around 2000 eggs around which cannot be seen and take less than a week to become adult fleas.
Act Fast and Flea’s won’t last!
When treating fleas on an animal there are a wide range of options and chemicals – some of which can harm other types of animals so its worth consulting your vet or suitable animal expert for advice. The environment must also be treated effectively to properly break the life/breeding cycle. Some over the counter treatments only deal with adult fleas and most treatments are a waste for time but the vet/shop sells you a product overpriced which will only help in your mind and within days new eggs have hatched and a new wave of fleas are mature and looking for a host. Professional fumigation is the most effective way to deal with fleas in a property as the fumes can enter cracks and spaces that traditional treatments may not reach. Fumigation should be timed with a thorough, intensive daily hovering to ensure any last trace of eggs, larvae or fleas are dead and gone. As professionals, Manchester Pest Control will safely fumigate your property as well as give clear advice on ensuring the treatment is effective. So when it comes to fleas don’t try and go it alone, it’s often a false economy and you will still be scratching bites!
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