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Red flour beetle
Tribolium castaneum (Herbst)

Confused Flour Beetle Pest Control


Although it is found most often in warmer climates, the red flour beetle also occurs in the temperature regions where it survives the winter in protected places. It is found across Canada, mainly in bins where grain is stored for long periods, such as farm silos and country elevators. It can also be a pest of stored products such as peas, beans, nuts, dried fruits, drugs, spices and chocolate, and of herbarium and museum specimens.


The red flour beetle feeds on a wide range of foods, but is most important as a pest of stored grains, oilseeds and their products. It prefers damaged grain, but will attack whole wheat, feeding first on the germ and then on the endosperm.

Life history

The adult is a small reddish brown beetle about 4 mm long. It closely resembles the confused flour beetle. Each female lays 300 to 400 eggs and egg-laying occurs when the temperature is over 20°C. Hatching produces wormlike larvae that are whitish and marked with pale brown bands. When fully grown, they are about 8 mm long. Development of the pest from egg to adult takes 15 to 20 days under optimum conditions – a temperature of 35°C and relative humidity of 10% or less. The red flour beetle will fly when the temperature is 25°C or higher, so infestations can spread quickly. Temperature limits for completed development are 20°C to 40°C.


As all life stages of this insect occur outside the kernels, they are somewhat susceptible to mechanical handling. Bins should be checked before and after discharge from a bin. When red flour beetles are known to occur, bins should be cleaned and treated with an approved structural insecticide. These insects can also be controlled by cooling the grain temperature to below -5°C and maintaining this low temperature for 12 weeks. Ensure the grain is level at the surface if aeration is to be use.

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