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Rabbit Pest Control Facts

The rabbit population is now estimated to be 40 million. The rabbit population is increasing around 2% every year. This is because wild rabbit populations can with stand high mortality from natural causes. In the 1950’s the introduction of Myxomatosis, a disease introduced by man to control rabbit populations, was responsible for 99% of rabbit deaths. However it is now evident that the effects of the disease are lessening. Findings show that Myxomatosis is now only affecting 20% of the rabbit populations per year.

With an ever growing population of rabbits the damage they cause is also a growing problem.

Rabbits cause Damage

Damage to trees- bark stripping, browsing
Damage to lawns and greens- digging of burrows
Damage to crops from large populations feeding
Damage to Golf courses by digging and burrows

Legal status:
All occupiers have statutory obligations regarding wild rabbits that are harbouring on their land.
“An Order has been made under Section One of the Pests Act 1954 by which England and Wales (except for the City of London, the Isles of Scilly and Skokholm Island) have been declared a Rabbit Clearance Area. In this area, every occupier of land is responsible for destroying wild rabbits on his/her land or for taking steps to prevent them causing damage. This is a continuing obligation.”(Defra)
Reducing Damage Caused by Rabbit Populations
Fencing areas to prevent rabbit access – this involves high cost. Fences must be regularly inspected, maintained and repaired.
Rabbit fences must conform to British Standards and fit to requirements to be effective.
Reducing rabbit harbourage, making the area less inhabitable for populations- this requires extensive time and man power and is only effective to an extent.
Controlling Rabbit Populations Effectively and Effeciently
Gassing is the most effective way of removing populations of rabbits. This must be conducted by a licensed professional pest controller company. The ground must be properly prepared for the method to be successful.
Rabbit populations are naturally at their lowest from November to the end of March

Gassing is the fumigation of rabbit burrows with sodium cyanide or aluminium phosphide, which releases poisonous gasses when in contact with moisture. This procedure must be conducted by trained professional. Manchester Pest Control will provide all risk assessments and method statements prior to treatment.

Other control methods include live trapping, kill trapping and shooting
For a safe, experienced, professional service contract Manchester Pest Control, for peace of mind where health and safety is of the up-most importance.

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