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Squirrel Pest Control Facts

Grey Squirrel Pest Control

The grey squirrel is a common sight in local parks and gardens in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas, because of its prolific breeding has to some extent led to the demise of the native red squirrel.

This species is a serious pest in Britain. It is a threat to forestry land where its habit of removing tree bark is extremely damaging. In towns and cities, it can be a considerable pest by casing damage to structures and electrics in roof spaces. The squirrel may use roof insulation for nesting material and may chew boxes and other items stored in the roof space.

In some instances they have been known to chew electric cables and roof joints causing a potentially dangerous situation as well as the problem of noise.

If squirrels are using a roof space for a nest, often the first reaction to the problem by occupant may be to destroy them. This is why you will need a professional pest control company i.e. Manchester Pest Control.

Before carrying out any works to prevent access to the roof space, it is essential that a thorough check is made to ensure that there are no young present in the nest. Keeping the adult squirrel from their young will result in death for the young and substantial damage to the property where the mother tries to reach her young.

Solution – Pest Control for Squirrels

The most common and successful method of control is trapping, with either live trapping or spring trapping effective. Manchester pest control also offer a baiting service. Always use traps in accordance with statutory guidelines and trapped animals must be disposed of humanely.

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Squirrel Control:

If you have a Squirrel problem in your property, or have squrriels in the attic or the garden Manchester Pest control can solve your pest problem. For all your pest control problems, call Manchester Pest Control.  Residents in Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire and Warrington can count on Manchester Pest Control to keep their homes safe and pest free.

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We offer a same day wasp treatment service in the Denton area
Wasp Nest Treament in Denton
Effective Wasp Nest Treatment in Denton

Denton wasp control treatments are safe and provide excellent value for money. We offer a comprehensive wasp nest treatment service for a fixed price of 59.50. We also cover Stockport, Cheshire and Warrington areas. We are specialists in wasp nest control and also hornet nest treatments. We also provide a same day service, so for those people that really don't like wasps at all, we are here to help and we guarantee that we kill wasp nests dead.

Pest Control for Landlords in Denton
Pest Control Services for Landlords in Denton

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