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The Bumblebee

The Importance Of The Bumblebee

The Importance Of The Bumblebee

Bumblebees are easily recognisable by their black and yellow colour and their stout, fuzzy shape. They are bigger than the honeybee. They live in colonies like the honeybee but their nests are a lot smaller than that of the honeybee, containing only a few hundred bees. Bumblebee nest are found mostly in the ground, they can also be found in vacated mouse nests, in wall cavities and amongst rubbish is outbuildings and huts.

Bumblebees are the second most crucial pollinators in the environment. They are the only type of bee that can pollinate trumpet shaped flowers, since the honeybees’ proboscis is too short. Unlike the honeybee, the bumble bee colony can only survive a single season; the entire worker population dies in August and the mated queens spend the winter months in hibernation in the nest, which is always situated in a dry and sheltered location.

Pest Control Methods For Bumblebees

When bumblebee nests are found in high-risk areas such as in homes, schools or hospitals, or where the bees are likely to encounter people who are allergic; care must be taken to remove the nest and reposition it to a neutral area. Manchester Pest Control will not destroy the nests or kill the bees unless it is the only option available. Where possible, the technicians from Manchester Pest Control will remove the nest and relocate it with the least amount of damage to the bumblebees or their nest.

The bumblebee is not easily controlled with insecticide. Although small, they are tough and can survive a series of methods traditionally used to eradicate other insects. Their thick fur covering used to protect them from dust also helps in reducing the efficacy of the insecticide sprays used to treat their nests. A specialist treatment is undoubtedly the soundest and most effectual way of managing these insects. Manchester Pest Control can provide this service to all residents in the Manchester, Cheshire, Stockport and Warrington areas. Manchester Pest Control have the training to know which insecticides to use to treat this particular problem and will do it in the most cost-effective and safe manner possible.

If you have a bumble nest that you feel is a threat to you and your family, contact Manchester Pest Control who will take care of the problem for you safely, proficiently and cost-effectively.

Why Pest Control For Bumblebees Is Required:

Whilst the bumblebee is important for pollination, oftentimes the location of their nests is the underlying reason that pest control measures need to be taken. At the height of summer, there will be a constant flow of bumblebees leaving and returning to their nest which usually results in them coming into contact with humans. Although bumble bees are not known to sting unprovoked, it is always better to be cautious since if they do sting, it can be incredibly painful. For those individuals who are allergic to bee stings, a sting can be life threatening event.

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