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Reddish to dark brown, oval in shape; 1/10- to 1/8-inch; its head is not visible from above.

A 2-4 mm long beetle, of reddish-brown color, with fine hairs on its oval body. The head is hidden under the uniformly-domed neck shield; the wing covers are finely patterned with lines of dots; the last three antennal segments are particularly long. The larvae grow to a length of 5 mm.

They have a worldwide distribution and can be more commonly found in warmer climates. They are similar in appearance to the Cigarette beetle, but are slightly larger. Additionally, Drugstore beetles have antennae ending in 3-segmented clubs, while Cigarette beetles have serrated antennae (notched like teeth of a saw). The Drugstore beetle also has grooves running longitudinally along the elytra, whereas the Cigarette beetle is smooth.

Their larvae are small, white grubs, and are responsible for most of the damage that this species can cause. As their name suggests, Drugstore beetles have a tendency to feed on pharmacological products, including prescription drugs. The beetles and larvae are dangerous pests in the dried fruit industry. But they also infest oilseeds, dried vegetables and herbs.

Anywhere where there is dried, food-based material to feed on, such as dried pet foods, breads, cereal products, spices and drugs. The drugstore beetle has been observed damaging books by feeding on the bindings. It can be found worldwide, but is more common in warmer climates or in heated buildings in colder climates. Adults actively crawl and fly.

Larvae can damage whole grains or seeds; adults feed on any dried, food-based material.

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