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Key Characteristics Of Masonry Bees

The Masonry bee is a harmless, solitary bee that plays its part in pollination.  It is considered harmless since its sting is incapable of piercing human skin.  Solitary bees tend to live alone but occasionally large numbers of solitary bees gather in a small space and build their nests together.

Masonry bees nest in a wide variety of cavities including pits and crevices in wood, stonework and flawed masonry.  If no cavities are found, they have the ability to tunnel through soft brick mortar and excavate a cavity for their nest.  This can be quite distressing for some homeowners.  This happens primarily in older buildings, which are more vulnerable to attack.  Over time, with repeated attacks, severe damage can occur to these buildings.  However, modern homes are not immune to these attacks, if there are small gaps left in the mortar Masonry bees can set up their nests in these gaps.  Structurally it is not a problem but homeowners do not take kindly to the Masonry bees building nests in their homes.


When Pest Control Methods Are Useful

As mentioned before, Masonry bees are harmless and will in no way hurt or attack humans.  However, when homeowners become aware of the bees tunnelling into their homes, they will sometimes request the nests be removed.  Manchester Pest Control provides this service to residents in the Manchester, Stockport, Cheshire and Warrington areas.

Manchester Pest Control realise that all bees are highly beneficial to our environment and as such should not be killed when alternative methods are available.  They also realise that Masonry bee nests need to be left in peace whenever possible.  However, if a homeowner has requested Masonry bee pest control services, Manchester Pest Control will safely relocate the nest on behalf of the homeowner.  Very rarely will Masonry bees be treated with insecticides; this will only be done if all other methods have failed.  Manchester Pest Control has highly trained technicians who will be able to find the best way to deal with theMasonry bees and their nests in your home.


Long Term Control Of Masonry Bees

The only long-term successful pest control solution for Masonry bees is the systematic re-pointing of the mortar in your home.

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