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Facts about silverfish

Silverfish are about half an inch long and are silvery grey in colour.

Firebrats are about half an inch long and are greyish and mottled with spots and bands of dark scales.

They both eat a wide variety of foods including glue, wallpaper paste, book bindings, paper, photographs, starch in clothing, cotton, linen, rayon, wheat flour, cereals, dried meats, leather and even dead insects.
Silverfish live and develop in damp, cool places such as basements and laundry rooms. Sometimes you will see them in the bathtub or sink, unable to climb out.

Firebrat live in hot, humid places such as attics in the summer and near ovens, fireplaces and central heating pipes in winter.

Outdoors they can be found under rocks, bark and leaf mould and in ant, bird or animal nests.
They usually come into the home in food, furniture, old books or papers.
They are hardy and can live without food for many months.
They are harmless but can be a nuisance.

Lifecycle and habits

Manchester Silverfish Control

Silverfish females may lay over 100 eggs during a lifetime. Eggs hatch in three to six weeks. Firebrats lay about 50 eggs and hatch in about two weeks, under ideal conditions. Adults may live from two to eight years.

Silverfish and firebrats are active at night and hide during the day. When objects are moved where they are hiding, they dart out and seek new hiding places.

How can I get rid Silverfish and Firebrats?

You could use a residual insecticide, which you can buy from hardware or DIY stores. These diy product have a very low residual value, as they are only for amateur use, and will not work and be a complete waste of time and money. Treatment needs to be applied to all possible hiding places such as cracks, crevices, inside floor mouldings, around heating and hot water pipes, in and behind furniture, cupboards.

Silverfish Elimination – Manchester Pest Control

A silverfish infestation can cause a great deal of damage, therefore it becomes extremely important for every homeowner to find out efficient methods of silverfish extermination. You must not allow them to flourish and reproduce in your home. Since they grow in humid or damp environment, you need to keep your house well-ventilated. Use dehumidifiers in the basements and attics. Maintaining a hygienic environment will also help.

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