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Sharps and Drugs Paraphernalia: Manchester Stockport

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Sharps and Drugs Paraphernalia: an unsightly, dangerous nuisance
Many of us wouldn’t worry unduly about picking up a piece of rubbish and putting it in the bin. However, when it comes to needles or syringes or other discarded sharp items and the potential risks or hazards they pose, it’s better to use a professional service such as Manchester Pest Control.
The Manchester Pest Control Sharps Removal Service gives complete peace of mind if you have been unlucky enough to have items irresponsibly discarded on your property. We aim to respond as quickly as possible to ensure minimal risk is posed to service users of the area, and as we take full responsibility for the appropriate disposal of the items, your general waste facilities remain safe and uncontaminated for normal procedures/personnel to carry on day to day business.
Manchester Pest Control will:
• Attend promptly and inspect the area to assess fully the risk/situation before work starts
• Remove all sharps, needles, and related drug items and dispose of as per legislation
• Disinfect areas as appropriate using professional standard disinfectant
• Provide documentary evidence including photographs of all items found on site and the details of work carried out
• Can also arrange future visits to regularly check the location so it remains “needle/sharps free”
Why use a Professional Sharps Removal Service?
Unfortunately, in society today, there are many who don’t act responsibly and use drugs amongst other items to regularly abuse their bodies. Individuals in these social groups generally lack care for themselves or others, may have limited resources so will pass needles and items between them before throwing them away carelessly without regard for where or how they do so. They are also at high risk of having a serious life-threatening disease such as HIV and Hepatitis both of which can be transmitted to others via an accidental needle prick.
Needles and syringes have been in found in places like children’s play parks or derelict areas and young children have been known to pick these up out of curiosity or to trip and fall onto the sharp, piercing the skin. People have also found these in public bins when placing their own rubbish inside and catching their hand on the end of the needle. Hence there are strict laws in place regarding safe disposal of hazardous /medically contaminated items such as this.
All technicians at Manchester Pest Control are fully trained and insured in all aspects of sharps removal and drug related items and use industrial personal protection equipment to carry out safe removal and disposal as required.
So whether you are a Council, letting agent, private landlord or housing association, an educational establishment or a construction/demolition company, if you find unwanted sharps, call Manchester Pest Control for an affordable, professional removal service

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