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Did you know that Manchester Pest Control provides a safe and efficient needle sweep service to homes and businesses in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire? That’s right, Needle Sweep Manchester is a subsidiary arm of our pest control business – because we realised over the years that in some (though we should emphasise, not all) of the places where we encounter vermin, there is often a variety of discarded waste in the vicinity. It’s likely that this is what attracted the unwelcome pests in the first place.


And in amongst some of that waste, we have observed an alarming range of used drug-taking equipment…


We’re talking about the kind of medical paraphernalia that gets used once or a limited number of times before losing its keenness and being discarded: sharps, needlesticks, hypodermic syringes – all are associated with both legal (diabetes, self-managed drug program) and illegal (heroin and other opiates) drug-taking activities. There may also be razor blades, scalpels and knives lying about which are used in the preparation of certain drug compounds before use. If they’ve been placed loosely inside a bin liner (definitely NOT the correct method of disposal), they can end up sticking through or falling free on the ground.


Many of these items have the potential to cut or puncture the skin of adults, children and pets who come across them by accident. The dangers are evident, given the risk of exposure to blood traces potentially infected with pathogens as severe as Hepatitis and HIV. There are serious health implications that any infected individual may have to face up to in the short-term and for the rest of their life.


Town Councils in particular are mindful of their duty to protect members of the public who may encounter carelessly discarded hypodermics and other drug-taking equipment. Chaotic drug users may be so focused on getting their next high that they don’t even think about the consequences of discarding used needlesticks in parks, playgrounds, public toilets, or any secluded place where they can shoot up without much risk of being disturbed. This unfortunately may mean footpaths and alleys adjoining your home or business, or rooms within vacant premises that might have been broken into or end of tenancy properties.


If you find sharps, razor blades or any other medical waste in the area of your home or business, do not go any nearer than you have to – just the slightest pinprick or scratch can spread an infection to your central nervous system. It really isn’t worth the risk. Instead contact us here at Manchester Pest Control so that we can activate our safe and effective needle sweep service. Our people have the equipment and the know-how, and will operate to the latest UK Health and Safety requirements and in line with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations.


Needle Sweep Manchester is a professional service available to , landlords and management agents acting on their behalf throughout Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire. We can also provide needle sweeps of affected business properties, educational establishments, public service providers, and private facilities at which drug users are provided sheltered accommodation or ongoing counselling support and treatment.


Needle Sweep Manchester, in association with Manchester Pest Control – keeping the public safe from injury and infection.

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