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Manchester Bumble Bee Removal- Bumble Bee Nest Treatment

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Its important to remember that the bumble bees you will encounter in Manchester and Cheshire are not dangerous as such as individuals. A sole bee will be easy to shoo away and shouldn’t be more than a minor annoyance for a brief time. However, if their nest is threatened, bumble bees can and will swarm and become aggressive, as you would expect. Another important thing to remember is that while only the female can sting (male drones are pleasing to look at on flowers and plant life in a hairy, droning, bumbling way), but they are able to sting multiple times each – unlike other bee species. For anyone allergic to bee stings, this can of course be very dangerous. We Can Treat you pest Problems with Bees and We Cover Manchester Stockport And Cheshire Areas

If you do find a bumble bee nest in a problematic location in your property, anywhere in Manchester or Stockport, don’t attempt to deal with it yourself or without the correct equipment. Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and are not a pest as such, therefore elimination should always be a last resort and relocation is the preferred method of control. Call Manchester Pest Services and our technicians will visit you and provide expert advice on how best to deal with the situation.

Manchester Bee Removal Manchester Bee Control Services

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24 hour Manchester bee removal services. Bee control Manchester experts for domestic and commercial properties. Bee nests and bee hives removed in Manchester Stockport .

Manchester Wasp Nest Control treatment £59.50

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Manchester wasp nest treatment wasp control for a fixed Price £59.50 same day service covering Manchester Stockport Cheshire 7 days a week

Manchester Pest Control Squirrels In your Property We WILL Help

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A straight forward approach to removing Squirrels from your Property

A small furry visitor carrying fleas and ticks, and likely to destroy a property inside and out with their extensive chewing? Squirrels may be charming but best viewed from afar and not in built up areas of Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire!

Luckily Manchester Pest Control offers a safe and effective squirrel control service throughout the area, to both residential and commercial properties. Our methods do not cause any unnecessary suffering to the animal and once trapped, they will be taken away from the problem area. Furthermore we offer:

  • A flexible service, available seven days a week including common holiday periods
  • A guarantee – our service will resolve your squirrel problem!

Are Squirrels really that bad, compared to other vermin?

Whilst UK native red squirrels are threatened as a species, when squirrels are causing problems its most likely a grey squirrel which were introduced to the UK from America for the purposes of sport and food! During mild weather they’re happy in tree-dense areas such as parks but as weather gets colder they quickly seek warmer places to nest.  They’ve been driven to built up populated areas for so long now they can no longer be frightened away or have a fear of human beings. Squirrels are very territorial so if they have claimed your loft or garage they will guard it with a fierce determination, which can prove challenging from a pest control point of view. You are likely to hear a squirrel in the property before you see it as they are noisy critters, and you may start to notice teeth marks in basements or lofts.  Eventually you will see it going in and out frequently on one of its many food runs.  Simply blocking the hole to prevent re-entry doesn’t work and they tend to do more damage making new entry points.

To summarise, once a squirrel has claimed your home, it will:

  • Cause damage gnawing on woodwork and other surfaces, especially fascias and rafters
  • Carry fleas and ticks into the property which can then get into soft furnishings causing further problems for humans and family pets
  • Chew electrical cables and pipes creating various hazards that ultimately can cause big safety issues.
  • Be difficult to move on without specialist help from experienced pest controllers like Manchester Pest control

How do Manchester Pest Control tackle a squirrel problem?

Contacting us as soon as you notice or suspect you have a problem is best rather than waiting until damage or noise is extensive – the earlier we can deploy our methods before the squirrel gets too settled, the better!

  1. A thorough inspection will take place by a trained, experienced professional. They will search the full property to get a comprehensive overview of the squirrels behaviour and routes in and out.
  2. Specialist traps and poisons will be deploy in a structured manner, ensuring safety for humans but certain to catch the attention of the rodent, trapping it instantly.
  3. All traps and contents will be fully and carefully removed, and disposed of according to pest control regulations, without causing suffering to the animal.
  4. Our technician will re-check the property to ensure procedures have been effective and offer advice and assistance with prevention a reoccurrence.

Pest Control Wasp Nest Treatment £59.50

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Wasp Nest Treatment Same Day Service £59.50





















Hazel Grove




























Mouse in the house in Manchester? Mice in the Workplace?

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Mouse in the house in Manchester? Mice in the Workplace? Manchester pest control are experts in dealing with mice

While an unwanted mouse population may spiral out of control, our costs for extermination won’t. If you become infested with mice, we offer a fixed cost service, as we know how invasive vermin can be.

Whether you are a business or a home owner, we never charge for site surveys. To maximise the advantage in the battle against your furry pests,  we still aim for a fast, efficient 24 hour service for pest control treatment to fully commence.

Particularly with businesses and the potential variations in size and environment, we will always carry out on site to assess the scale and particulars of the infestation, to ensure we can tackle the situation effectively with minimal disruption to your day to day routine. We will clarify numbers and locations of the mice, leaving you to earn a living!

We have summarized details of this service below but don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 448 1782 for clarification of any aspects, whether it’s cost or technical details, one of our professional specialists will discuss the process in full.

What happens during the treatment process?

A light to medium infestation can usually be remedied with a few visits carried out over a 3-4 week period.

Mouse bait boxes will be placed at strategic locations throughout the premises, each containing a rodenticide which is fatal to mice. Don’t worry as all boxes are locked by key and can’t be crushed either – they are specially designed so small children and most pets can’t access the contents in any way.  Stations can be placed discreetly such as under fixtures and fittings or behind furniture, inside cupboards and so on.  In larger commercial premises they can also be placed in basements or electrical cupboards, boiler rooms or even below raised floors.

For subsequent visits, the technician will assess station locations for effectiveness, and moving them if needed, as well as checking every station and refreshing the contents, safely removing any visible waste elements created by the process.

They will also carry out, as part of the standard service should you require the service  at a Extra cost, basic mouse proofing like blocking gaps around skirting boards or pipes. Furthermore the technician will look at housekeeping or hygiene arrangements that may be impacting on the situation, suggesting improvements if appropriate.

Please note, any food preparation areas, equipment or surfaces MUST be hot washed immediately before use, if mice are suspected. Bacteria from their urine can cause illness so stored food should be checked for signs of mouse activity regularly and disinfecting wiping carried out to control bacteria transfer.


House Mouse: Summary facts

The house mouse has a unique musky smell which can be the first indicator they are nearby, but they can be easily recognised by their large ears and eyes set in a relatively small head, and a long tail (as long as rest of the body and head put together).They can sometimes be confused for young brown rats but they will have small ears/eyes. House mice tend to be the same colour all over – normally brown or light grey, but fur colour does vary and can even appear very dark. Whilst mainly active at night, they can be seen during the day, especially if they are feeding a litter or are well established in the environment and food supplies are under pressure. Their agility is impressive – a house mouse can run up vertical surfaces with minimal texture, and along horizontal cables. A true acrobat and can jump from the floor onto a flat surface. In fact they can jump 30 cm straight into the air (in human terms, jump onto the roof of a house!).  Down isn’t a problem either as a mouse can jump down twelve foot safely (a human jumping off a ten storey building without injury).  So where do they get the energy from?

Mice will eat anything, but anything of a seed-like or grain natures are particular favourites, along with sweet items which smell particularly tasty. A fully grown mouse needs a minimum of 3g of food and 3ml of water to survive, and even with a full tummy an adult mouse will only weigh around 30 grams. Given a plentiful supply of food they will still forage and hide extra for future sustenance. Most of their water comes from the food itself so even with water supply cut off, mice are adept at survival.  Did you know a mouse can even go for a longer time without drinking than camels?  However, it does mean their bladders are poorly trained, so droplets of urine will be all around areas the mice inhabit.

What goes in must come out – found shiny black grains of rice lying about? These are recent faeces of a house mouse!  If these small grains of rice are dull black, the good news is the droppings are older in origin.

Mice typically gnaw small, clean holes about 3-4 centimetres in diameter, however if a biro pen can fit in a hole so can a house mouse! While they can nest outside in ground burrows or general rubbish, they use soft materials for their nests such as insulation, furniture stuffing or paper.  Common sites for nests include inside furniture or appliances, drawers or boxes, even inside ceiling voids or cavity walls.

Nice comfortable nests, and a food supply, are perfect breeding grounds, and it’s no surprise mice numbers multiply exponentially. A mouse can have as many as 8 litters in a year, with anything from 4 to 16 young in each.  Factor in each new born mouse becomes sexually mature by the time it is 12 weeks old, and you can understand why prompt action is crucial to get your unwanted furry visitors under control.

If you see a mouse, call us out, as there are likely to be many more mice you can’t see in the building.


Manchester Pest Control Guarantee

Manchester Pest Control is BPCA level 2, approved as well as Safe Contractor approved. All our staff undergoes CRB checks prior to employment, and our Pest Control Technicians complete extensive industry training.  We also have in place £5 million  of liability insurance, so we are confident our fleet of vans and teams of technicians can guarantee a effective, reliable, prompt pest control service to all domestic and commercial premises throughout Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.

How to Treat A Wasps Nest , Pest Control Manchester Stockport Cheshire .

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A mature wasp nest would be found around the  late summer months and  will almost certainly require professional treatment by ourselves  due to the high risk of wasp activity which should you attempt to treat yourself will result in you being stung multiple times in most cases as at this stage, a nest will contain thousands of individual wasps.

  • At Manchester Pest Control, we offer a complete wasp control solution covering Manchester Stockport and Cheshire Areas
  • Our British Pest Control Association (BPCA) certified technicians have the expertise to identify the specific species.
  • All treatments are customised to ensure effective control of the wasp nest, based on its area of the property.
  • We offer expert advice to help prevent another problem in the future.
  • Manchester Pest Control 0161 448 1782     24/7  pest control services offer a fixed price for wasp control treatment in Manchester Stockport  Cheshire.

How to Treat A Wasps Nest , Pest Control  Manchester Stockport Cheshire .

If you can get rid of the nest early on in the spring, you can really help to avoid a serious problem in the late summer months.

The good news is that the same nest will never reused again by a new queen the following year.

A new nest may be built near the previous location though, if it continues to offer good shelter, protection and easy access to the outside  from workers when the nest starts to become established over the first 4 weeks.

Wasp nest treatment Manchester Stockport Cheshire is critical if you want to get rid of wasps in your home and to reduce the risk of being stung.

Wasp Sting WASP TREATMENT £59.50

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Wasp stings are notoriously sore, and in very rare cases, even life threatening. But they are easy to treat.
Are wasp stings dangerous?
The sting of a wasp is a well evolved weapon, in Manchester Stockport And Cheshire delivering a potent venom to its prey. The venom is comprised of various compounds including histamine, dopamine and mast cell de-granulating peptides to name some of them. Each compound gives a unique effect when delivered into the bloodstream.
People who are allergic to wasp, hornet or bee venom, are at risk of anaphylactic shock.

An anaphylactic shock is an allergic reaction which triggers a quick release of histamines in large quantities thereby greatly decreasing blood pressure which leads to severe respiratory difficulties and rarely death as a result..
Naturally, the more venom one is subjected to, the more dangerous the reaction can be. Even people who are not allergic to the venom can die if subjected to enough stings.

People allergic to wasp stings should keep antihistamine injections at home and keep well away from wasp nests and bee hives at all times.

However, usually people do not know they are allergic to wasp stings until being stung. In some cases, regular stings over a period of time can bring about an allergic reaction and bee keepers are particularly vulnerable to developing an allergy to bee and wasp venom.
Fortunately, for most of us, a sting is merely a sting, without the trauma of a reaction, but if someone starts feel unwell after a sting or shows signs of a reaction, seek medical attention immediately.
Key Signs Of Anaphylactic Shock
Some of the key signs of anaphylactic shock to look out for are:
• Red itchy skin rash
• Swelling of eyes, lips, hands and or feet
• Narrowing of air ways / difficulty breathing
• Feeling faint or dizzy / loss of blood pressure
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Metallic taste in your mouth
• Red, sore or itchy eyes
• Psychological distress,
There are three crucial things to check for with a person reacting to a sting:
• Are airways being affected?
• Is the affected person having difficulty breathing?
• Is the person affected feeling dizzy or are they fainting?
Phone an ambulance immediately if the above symptoms manifest.
Disease risks from wasp stings.
A surprising side effect of a sting can be infection, and wasps spread disease much like flies. Their stingers come into contact with high bacterial areas when out foraging, such as dung heaps, and older wasps develop a build up of bacteria in their venom sacks. If stung by an infected wasp then you receive the bacteria present as well as the venom, which can result in a nasty infection.

Treating wasp stings
Unlike bees, wasps can sting repeatedly, as they can remove their sting from prey without damaging themselves.
While initially painful, the burning sensation from a wasp sting will calm after a few minutes, becoming increasingly itchy.
Sprays and creams can ameliorate the most unpleasant aspects of stings, and in summer it is wise to include this in any first aid kit.
Be aware that if you are stung by a bee, you often need to remove the sting, as their stingers are barbed and remain stuck in your skin. Bee stings remain painful after the sing as the venom sack remains attached to the stinger, although the bee will struggle free and die resulting from the loss of its innards attached to the sting.
The best treatment for pain relief is with an ice pack over the afflicted area. The acidic venom works less when the area is cooled.

Why do wasps sting?
Despite an aggressive reputation, wasps, hornets and bees generally sting in self defence or in defence of their queen and nest. Of course they can be overprotective, and will sometimes go after anything that moves in the nest area. Some theories suggest that wasps even get drunk on overly ripe fruit and become even more aggressive, although this is unlikely to be the case. In late summer wasp numbers simply increase to such an extent that there is a higher chance of being stung. Wasps that appear drunk are in fact starving due to lack of sugary foods.
It is precisely at this time of year that they become most irritating, desperately seeking sugars from human sources, such as pub gardens, picnics and outdoor dining areas, resulting in more stings.

All wasps use pheromones to communicate, and the queen emits one in the nest to relay that everything is fine. The pheromones are also used to navigate the wasp’s surroundings.
They form a crucial part of the wasp’s life cycle, without which they could not function. When you are stung by a wasp a pheromone is emitted that quickly signals danger to other wasps in the nearby nest, encouraging them to aid in the attack. This potential for escalation is what makes wasp attacks dangerous. If you are stung and unsure about the proximity of the nest, it is important not to panic or flail your arms, but move as far away from the area quickly without stopping.
What should I do if wasps attack me?
If you find yourself under attack from an entire wasp nest then undergrowth and foliage are the best places to find. Trees, bushes and hedges where you can lose sight of them are good places to seek. The thicker the undergrowth of foliage, the harder it is for wasps to follow you. Whilst it is tempting to simply run away, wasps will follow across large distances.
Flailing you arms can attract other wasps, and does little to prevent them reaching you. Of course, it is easy to say one should remain calm, but we have good experience in being attacked by wasps and know what works best!

Insect Treatment Manchester Stockport Cheshire

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Insect Control Service Manchester Stockport Cheshire

An insect problem can be a real nightmare for any persons business, whether it’s a dangerous wasp nest, an infestation of cockroaches or a room contaminated fleas, or Bedbugs invading insects can pose a serious threat to your visitors and staffs health. We have the solution to all of your insect problems with our expert insect control services, which covers everything from ant and wasp nest removal to cockroach flea and bed bug elimination.

Our experts have access to a whole range of specialised treatments and pesticides that can target specific pests in your business and quickly neutralise them. Whether you need a fast and efficient cockroach control service, ant control, or any other insect control services, with our service you will be able to return to treated workspaces on the same day in most cases, minimising the effect on your business.

Many people will be disturbed by the sight of insects and if the problem is not dealt with properly, it could damage the reputation of your business and deter customers from ever returning at all. Don’t let pests become a problem to your business and a risk to your products and customers health.Our pest control service will keep your business free of any problems with Pests

Get A Free No Obligation Quote

Lady Barn Wasp Treatment £59.50

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Ladybarn Wasp Treatment £59.50 & Pest Control Services

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You need to Have a wasps nest treated at your place of work or at your Home .

Lady Barn Wasp Nest treatment on your property the easiest and safest option is to have the treatment completed from a pest control company which treats wasp nest problems

Wasps are naturally defensive of their nests and will sting anyone or anything .When you have a wasps nest it should be treated as you we be stung over the course for the breeding season.

Wasp stings are not only painful but also carry a risk from infection swelling and itching
Wasps are predators and spend a lot of time hunting all types or insects may it be flying or crawling

When wasps are hunting for these insects they tend to spend a lot of time walking about in these nasty areas and drag their stings through whatever dirt and infection happens to be there. As wasps age, bacteria migrates up the sting and lives in the venom sack, so not only are you receiving a painful dose of venom, but also a unhealthy dose of bacteria.

There are many products available from DIY stores and garden centres that claim to get rid of your wasps, and it is often tempting to try and save yourself Money. Choosing to get rid of wasps yourself is not a decision that should be taken lightly and can be dangerous if not done by a professional pest controllers like ourselves.
We are often called after a customer has attempted to destroy the nest themselves but have been overwhelmed by wasps and ended up being sting and has fallen ill and the result was time off work which costs considerably more than our £59.50 fixed price cost

Discreet 24 hour Lady Barn Wasp Treatment £59.50 & other Pest Control Services in Lady Barn Wasp Treatment £59.50 with no call out charge We Use unmarked vehicles

We do not use sign written vehicles and will be discreet at all times when dealing with your pest problem. All pest control work is guaranteed, Treatments are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including bank holidays. We will also advise on any pest proofing issues and how to avoid pest problems in the future. We all want what's best for our family and to protect our home. Apart from the danger to health, many pests can also cause extensive structural damage, as well as an offensive odour. Before you go down the DIY route, why not give us a call to see how we can help? You have nothing to lose! We all want what's best for our family and to protect our home. Apart from the danger to health, many pests can also cause extensive structural damage, as well as an offensive odour. Before you go down the DIY route, why not give us a call to see how we can help? You have nothing to lose!

Lady Barn Wasp Treatment £59.50 Pest Control Services

People and companies think they can treat the pest problem themselves, only to find that they make the infestation worse by purchasing products from DIY outlets with a poor percentage of insecticide. This may prove to be an expensive waste of time and money. Lady Barn Wasp Treatment £59.50 Lady Barn Wasp Treatment £59.50 & Pest Control provides an effective solution to your pest control problem with advice to prevent any infestation recurring.

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Common Pests in Lady Barn Wasp Treatment £59.50

Manchester Pest control services:

People and companies think they can treat the pest problem themselves, only to find that they make the infestation worse by purchasing products from DIY outlets with a poor percentage of insecticide. This may prove to be an expensive waste of time and money. Manchester Pest Control provides an effective solution to your pest control problem with advice to prevent any infestation recurring.

Manchester Pest covers Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

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