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Manchester wasp nest removal service covering Stockport

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Manchester  wasp nest removal service covering Stockport Cheshire

Wasp Control Manchester,Wasp Nest Treatment £59.50

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Wasp Control Manchester,Wasp Nest Treatment, Removed, Destroyed Fixed Price £59.50 No Extra. Guaranteed Wasp Nest Treatment Service We Will Beat Any Genuine Quote

Manchester Bee Removal Manchester Bee Control Services

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24 hour Manchester bee removal services. Bee control Manchester experts for domestic and commercial properties. Bee nests and bee hives removed in Manchester Stockport .

Manchester Wasp Nest Control treatment £59.50

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Manchester wasp nest treatment wasp control for a fixed Price £59.50 same day service covering Manchester Stockport Cheshire 7 days a week

Manchester Pest Control Squirrels In your Property We WILL Help

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A straight forward approach to removing Squirrels from your Property

A small furry visitor carrying fleas and ticks, and likely to destroy a property inside and out with their extensive chewing? Squirrels may be charming but best viewed from afar and not in built up areas of Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire!

Luckily Manchester Pest Control offers a safe and effective squirrel control service throughout the area, to both residential and commercial properties. Our methods do not cause any unnecessary suffering to the animal and once trapped, they will be taken away from the problem area. Furthermore we offer:

  • A flexible service, available seven days a week including common holiday periods
  • A guarantee – our service will resolve your squirrel problem!

Are Squirrels really that bad, compared to other vermin?

Whilst UK native red squirrels are threatened as a species, when squirrels are causing problems its most likely a grey squirrel which were introduced to the UK from America for the purposes of sport and food! During mild weather they’re happy in tree-dense areas such as parks but as weather gets colder they quickly seek warmer places to nest.  They’ve been driven to built up populated areas for so long now they can no longer be frightened away or have a fear of human beings. Squirrels are very territorial so if they have claimed your loft or garage they will guard it with a fierce determination, which can prove challenging from a pest control point of view. You are likely to hear a squirrel in the property before you see it as they are noisy critters, and you may start to notice teeth marks in basements or lofts.  Eventually you will see it going in and out frequently on one of its many food runs.  Simply blocking the hole to prevent re-entry doesn’t work and they tend to do more damage making new entry points.

To summarise, once a squirrel has claimed your home, it will:

  • Cause damage gnawing on woodwork and other surfaces, especially fascias and rafters
  • Carry fleas and ticks into the property which can then get into soft furnishings causing further problems for humans and family pets
  • Chew electrical cables and pipes creating various hazards that ultimately can cause big safety issues.
  • Be difficult to move on without specialist help from experienced pest controllers like Manchester Pest control

How do Manchester Pest Control tackle a squirrel problem?

Contacting us as soon as you notice or suspect you have a problem is best rather than waiting until damage or noise is extensive – the earlier we can deploy our methods before the squirrel gets too settled, the better!

  1. A thorough inspection will take place by a trained, experienced professional. They will search the full property to get a comprehensive overview of the squirrels behaviour and routes in and out.
  2. Specialist traps and poisons will be deploy in a structured manner, ensuring safety for humans but certain to catch the attention of the rodent, trapping it instantly.
  3. All traps and contents will be fully and carefully removed, and disposed of according to pest control regulations, without causing suffering to the animal.
  4. Our technician will re-check the property to ensure procedures have been effective and offer advice and assistance with prevention a reoccurrence.

Testimonials, Reviews, Comments Pest Control Manchester Wasp Control

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Testimonials, Reviews, Comments Pest Control Manchester Wasp





4 months ago
Just wanted to say what an excellent, courteous + well spoken chap this Paul Barker is! He came to set some mice traps and explained everything clearly. I am …
Just wanted to say what an excellent, courteous + well spoken chap this Paul Barker is! He came to set some mice traps and explained everything clearly. I am also very impressed at how many traps were set (compared to Man City Councils 3). He worked quickly and efficiently and I am sure you already know what an asset to your company this young chap is. Customers are always quick to complain but we never praise the ones who work hard.
He took a cheque payment and had made a further weekend appointment (which I really needed because I am a teacher!) for a second visit.So thanks once again – hopefully this will be the last of the little pesks!(Saxelby Drive, Manchester)

Thanks for your feedback!
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Natalie Howarth

4 months ago
Absolutely fantastic service. Call answered straight away and then at my home within the hour to eradicate a wasp nest. Really personable guy Paul. Thank you for resolving so quickly and stress free.
Thanks for your feedback!
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Sanjay Bhabuta

4 months ago
Super fast service. I called with a wasp nest problem. Arrived in about 35 minutes. Friendly service. Job done with minimum fuss. sorted

Stockport Wasp Nest Removal Pest Control Services

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Stockport Wasp Control  Your local Pest Control service provider in  Stockport covering post codes i Cheadle, Bredbury, Reddish, Gatley, Bramhall, Hazel Grove, Heaton Mersey, Romiley, Heaton Moor, Handsworth, Wilmslow, and Offerton. Your Problem could be bed bugs, a wasps’ nest, rats or mice, fleas cockroach or just about every other type of pests we can cope with the infestation for you, promptly, cautiously and at a rate which will not shock

Blog Fleas: All you need to know, to know you don’t want them!

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Fleas: All you need to know, to know you don’t want them!

A Pulicosis (flea bite!) is an irritating troublesome thing much like the insects themselves. Despite flea’s being about 2.5 mm long, they can prove a challenge to remove from a property. With the increase in popularity of furry pets, there is a resulting increase in flea infestations but Manchester Pest Control can deal with flea problems quickly and efficiently, as well as advising on future prevention.

How dangerous is a flea?

Flea bites are very itchy and can be quite painful. A flea bite can transfer tapeworms, and commonly cause severe allergic reactions in our pets. Reports are showing these dermatitis type reactions are now occurring in people. On a much rarer note, fleas have been shown to act as a carrier of the bubonic plague, as well as bacterial diseases from infected rats to humans.

Whilst a flea bite is not the most lethal of insect bites, and there is no immediate need to seek Doctor’s advice, the itchy can become intense, and careful monitoring is required in case more serious reactions occur. Flea’s live for around 3.5 months, with each female laying around 2000 eggs in that time, so quickly become overwhelming. They have often been feeding and breeding for up to 2 months before you will become aware of their existence.

Flea’s feed on blood as their sole source of nutrition and can take up to 15 times their own body weight in blood! Their legs are like grippers and once on a host with warm fresh blood, their legs latch onto the skin and pierce through the outer layer to the blood. They inject some of their saliva into the host first, which acts as a numbing agent – this is why you rarely feel the bite itself. The saliva contains over a dozen different substances and it’s these that can set of severe reactions in pets and humans.  Once a female has mated, she will breed for the rest of her lifetime and needs fresh blood at least twice a day, hence recurrent bites even from a small population.

Can I see fleas? How do I know they are there?

Fleas can be present on hosts or in the environment such as soft furnishings, at varying times. They are also very agile, and whilst they cannot fly, they are able to leap up to 8” (like a human being able to jump as high as a skyscraper!) so movement between hosts is not a problem.  They are covered in tiny hairs that allow them to move easily between fur and fibres.  They are so small, you rarely see them on humans, but the hard, red-brown shiny shell can be seen on pets on examination at advanced stages of infestation. Unfortunately their shells make them rather difficult to squish and kill.  You will become aware of their presence by their bites – small red lumps – typically around your arms if you stroke/cuddle your pet a lot or your legs as the pet rubs against you.  However, if soft furnishings, such as a throw over a bed or couch are infected, you can get bites occurring anywhere on the body. You or your pet will also be itchy significantly.

Fleas lay eggs in the safety of fur, but the eggs are small white and slippery and will slide off onto the ground. These won’t be visible to the human eye. Larvae hatch from the eggs around a week later but these are only measure 1 to 2 mm in length and white so still difficult to see.  Mature larvae develop into pupa – a small silky cocoon and while stay like this for between 3 weeks to a year depending on conditions. These may appear as specks of dust along skirting boards for example.  Vibrations through the floor are picked up within the cocoon, letting the adult flea know to emerge as there is likely to be a host about.  They wait for you or the pet to wander past and jump on to ensure they get life-sustaining blood to keep their life cycle going.  Whilst you may see the odd flea there will be hundreds that you can’t, in varying stages of life.

Good news for humans we are their least favourite type of host, and they avoid us if they can. There are different species of fleas, with cat fleas the most prolific, followed by dog and bird fleas and the rarer human fleas, so they tend to stick to the primary type of hosts where possible.  Even responsible pet owners with good flea management routines can still experience fleas from time to time due to the easy spread and large numbers of them, and even non-pet owners can experience fleas by a visitor forgetting their hat when they leave, that is one of their cats favourite cuddle spots, or borrowing a chair or textiles from an infested property.

Once they are present, the only way to get rid of fleas involves the use of pesticides. Whilst some home flea treatments are available over the counter in various shops, these are often ineffective and weak in strength.  If you think you have fleas, call Manchester Pest Control and we can remove these unwanted guests safely and professionally.

Mouse in the house in Manchester? Mice in the Workplace?

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Mouse in the house in Manchester? Mice in the Workplace? Manchester pest control are experts in dealing with mice

While an unwanted mouse population may spiral out of control, our costs for extermination won’t. If you become infested with mice, we offer a fixed cost service, as we know how invasive vermin can be.

Whether you are a business or a home owner, we never charge for site surveys. To maximise the advantage in the battle against your furry pests,  we still aim for a fast, efficient 24 hour service for pest control treatment to fully commence.

Particularly with businesses and the potential variations in size and environment, we will always carry out on site to assess the scale and particulars of the infestation, to ensure we can tackle the situation effectively with minimal disruption to your day to day routine. We will clarify numbers and locations of the mice, leaving you to earn a living!

We have summarized details of this service below but don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 448 1782 for clarification of any aspects, whether it’s cost or technical details, one of our professional specialists will discuss the process in full.

What happens during the treatment process?

A light to medium infestation can usually be remedied with a few visits carried out over a 3-4 week period.

Mouse bait boxes will be placed at strategic locations throughout the premises, each containing a rodenticide which is fatal to mice. Don’t worry as all boxes are locked by key and can’t be crushed either – they are specially designed so small children and most pets can’t access the contents in any way.  Stations can be placed discreetly such as under fixtures and fittings or behind furniture, inside cupboards and so on.  In larger commercial premises they can also be placed in basements or electrical cupboards, boiler rooms or even below raised floors.

For subsequent visits, the technician will assess station locations for effectiveness, and moving them if needed, as well as checking every station and refreshing the contents, safely removing any visible waste elements created by the process.

They will also carry out, as part of the standard service should you require the service  at a Extra cost, basic mouse proofing like blocking gaps around skirting boards or pipes. Furthermore the technician will look at housekeeping or hygiene arrangements that may be impacting on the situation, suggesting improvements if appropriate.

Please note, any food preparation areas, equipment or surfaces MUST be hot washed immediately before use, if mice are suspected. Bacteria from their urine can cause illness so stored food should be checked for signs of mouse activity regularly and disinfecting wiping carried out to control bacteria transfer.


House Mouse: Summary facts

The house mouse has a unique musky smell which can be the first indicator they are nearby, but they can be easily recognised by their large ears and eyes set in a relatively small head, and a long tail (as long as rest of the body and head put together).They can sometimes be confused for young brown rats but they will have small ears/eyes. House mice tend to be the same colour all over – normally brown or light grey, but fur colour does vary and can even appear very dark. Whilst mainly active at night, they can be seen during the day, especially if they are feeding a litter or are well established in the environment and food supplies are under pressure. Their agility is impressive – a house mouse can run up vertical surfaces with minimal texture, and along horizontal cables. A true acrobat and can jump from the floor onto a flat surface. In fact they can jump 30 cm straight into the air (in human terms, jump onto the roof of a house!).  Down isn’t a problem either as a mouse can jump down twelve foot safely (a human jumping off a ten storey building without injury).  So where do they get the energy from?

Mice will eat anything, but anything of a seed-like or grain natures are particular favourites, along with sweet items which smell particularly tasty. A fully grown mouse needs a minimum of 3g of food and 3ml of water to survive, and even with a full tummy an adult mouse will only weigh around 30 grams. Given a plentiful supply of food they will still forage and hide extra for future sustenance. Most of their water comes from the food itself so even with water supply cut off, mice are adept at survival.  Did you know a mouse can even go for a longer time without drinking than camels?  However, it does mean their bladders are poorly trained, so droplets of urine will be all around areas the mice inhabit.

What goes in must come out – found shiny black grains of rice lying about? These are recent faeces of a house mouse!  If these small grains of rice are dull black, the good news is the droppings are older in origin.

Mice typically gnaw small, clean holes about 3-4 centimetres in diameter, however if a biro pen can fit in a hole so can a house mouse! While they can nest outside in ground burrows or general rubbish, they use soft materials for their nests such as insulation, furniture stuffing or paper.  Common sites for nests include inside furniture or appliances, drawers or boxes, even inside ceiling voids or cavity walls.

Nice comfortable nests, and a food supply, are perfect breeding grounds, and it’s no surprise mice numbers multiply exponentially. A mouse can have as many as 8 litters in a year, with anything from 4 to 16 young in each.  Factor in each new born mouse becomes sexually mature by the time it is 12 weeks old, and you can understand why prompt action is crucial to get your unwanted furry visitors under control.

If you see a mouse, call us out, as there are likely to be many more mice you can’t see in the building.


Manchester Pest Control Guarantee

Manchester Pest Control is BPCA level 2, approved as well as Safe Contractor approved. All our staff undergoes CRB checks prior to employment, and our Pest Control Technicians complete extensive industry training.  We also have in place £5 million  of liability insurance, so we are confident our fleet of vans and teams of technicians can guarantee a effective, reliable, prompt pest control service to all domestic and commercial premises throughout Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire.

Pest Control End of Tenancy Fumigation Service? Manchester Cheshire Stockport

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So what is an End of Tenancy Fumigation Service?

Today’s market offers a wide range of D.I.Y off-the-shelf products offering to rid a property of insects whether they crawl or fly, but these rarely match up to the effectiveness of professional fumigation – the only sure way to target all areas of the property, especially those corners and cracks where pests like to hide.

Our service is straightforward and once in action, simply leave the property for a couple of hours, then when you arrive back, open all the windows to the property and let fresh air do what it does best!  This will ensure our fumigation service provides an effective quality service with maximum possible benefits – every time.

Whether its Mice, Rat,  Ants, Cockroaches, Bedbugs or Fleas, we operate our services to the highest possible standards, whatever unwanted guests you may have.

Moving house is a stressful and busy time, so our services can be booked 7 days a week, including evenings at no extra costs. We offer flexibility and value for money, to help you end the tenancy with one less chore to worry about.

Why we are a leading home fumigation provider throughout Manchester, Stockport & Cheshire?

As with all our services we adhere to the strict rules and regulations of the industry. We use non-toxic substances wherever possible and our fumigation service is fully compliant with COSHH (Control of Substance Hazardous to Health) regulations.

We take an all around approach to the property. Our service includes:

    • A thorough inspection of the full property before work starts so we can accurately assess your needs and determine the best substance(s) to remedy the problem
  • With our enhanced guaranteed service
  • Advice and help with preventative measures to help you avoid repeat occurrences.


  • To book your End-of-Tenancy Fumigation contact Manchester Pest Control on 0161 448 1782 now.



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Common Pests in Pest Control End of Tenancy Fumigation Service?  Manchester Cheshire Stockport
We offer a same day wasp treatment service in the Pest Control End of Tenancy Fumigation Service? Manchester Cheshire Stockport area
Wasp Nest Treament in Pest Control End of Tenancy Fumigation Service?  Manchester Cheshire Stockport
Effective Wasp Nest Treatment in Pest Control End of Tenancy Fumigation Service? Manchester Cheshire Stockport

Pest Control End of Tenancy Fumigation Service? Manchester Cheshire Stockport wasp control treatments are safe and provide excellent value for money. We offer a comprehensive wasp nest treatment service for a fixed price of 59.50. We also cover Stockport, Cheshire and Warrington areas. We are specialists in wasp nest control and also hornet nest treatments. We also provide a same day service, so for those people that really don't like wasps at all, we are here to help and we guarantee that we kill wasp nests dead.

Pest Control for Landlords in Pest Control End of Tenancy Fumigation Service? Manchester Cheshire Stockport
Pest Control Services for Landlords in Pest Control End of Tenancy Fumigation Service?  Manchester Cheshire Stockport

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