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Food businesses and pest control: Manchester Stockport Cheshire

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Manchester Pest Control
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Food businesses and pest control:
For those working in the food processing industry, pest outbreaks and pest control are some of the most important aspects of running your business properly. With strict hygiene controls and quality standards in place, many of which carry severe legal penalties if not met, the ramifications of a pest infestation can be huge. As such, you need to ensure that your premises are kept pest free and any potential outbreaks are prevented at all times.

These matters are things which we here at Manchester Pest Control can help you with and relieve any worries or concerns that you may have. With years of experience and technical know-how behind us, our technicians can use the most effective and up to date techniques to provide tailored and integrated pest control solutions for your business.

What pests can you expect?
Food processing companies and properties can be affected by any kind of pest, the same as any other type of property, however years of experience have shown us that there are two main types of pest that your property may be especially susceptible to.

Stored Product Insects (or SPI) can refer to anything from grain weevils to beetles to moths, all of which will tend to infest raw food product stores, especially grains, cereals and seeds. They can pose significant health risks to anyone who accidentally ingests or handles them and infestations can be hard to spot until it is too late. They can also be a significant financial and material loss to your company as well. Our BPCA certified technicians will be able to work with you to eradicate and prevent infestations, using effective and affordable techniques.

Rodents are possibly the most common and most destructive infestation that your food processing premises can face, causing structural damage as well as breaching food safety and hygiene standards and regulations. While easier to spot, they can quickly escalate out of control and can have serious ramifications for your business. Manchester Pest Control has the knowledge and expertise to deal with rodent infestations with non-toxic chemicals and other methods to ensure a minimum impact on your premises.

So why chose us?
Here at Manchester Pest Control we have not only years of experience, but also the depth of knowledge and effective techniques to deal with any outbreak on any scale in an affordable and efficient way. We focus on pro-active methods of pest control and will work with and advise you on how best to not only deal with your current problem but also future-proof your premises against any further infestations. We understand that reputation is everything in this area of business and will be as discreet as possible when dealing with your outbreak.

We will also work with you to ensure that your staff are fully trained and aware of how to spot and prevent outbreaks, and can follow good housekeeping rules to reduce the risk of further infestations. By delivering this support and training, we can help you achieve full compliance with industry regulations. Being pro-active and prepared is the most important thing, and Manchester Pest Control is here to help you however we can.

Manchester Pest Control provides pest management services to food processing businesses in the Greater Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire areas. It doesn’t matter how big or small your premises or the type of pests you’re dealing with, we will tailor our solutions to achieve the best results for your company, keeping the safety of your staff our highest priority.

We don’t believe that pest management should cost you a fortune and therefore provide affordable, bespoke solutions, which are tailored to your needs. For a free assessment and no obligation quote, please contact us on the number below.

– Manchester Pest Control – Call us now on 0161 448 1782

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