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The urban fox: a pest to homes, schools & nurseries

The fox has become a common sight in urban areas of Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire as these wily creatures have discovered the benefits of living in close proximity to people in Manchester. Although in the wild they can live off birds and small mammals, insects, worms, and berries, they are just as happy to scavenge scraps of home and garden waste, and edible items of litter.

Manchester Pest Control over the years, foxes have received a bad press as a result of attacks on children inside people’s homes, although these kind of occurrences are thankfully very rare and foxes will only typically attack if they feel cornered. It can however be worrying for parents if foxes are known to scavenge throughout the neighbourhood and in the grounds of local schools and nurseries where discarded food may be more readily available.

Manchester Pest Control outlines the characteristics of the fox, a number of reasons why they can be regarded as a pest, and details of the service that we provide for homes, schools and nurseries experiencing fox activity that’s too close for comfort.

Fox characteristics

Foxes are generally quite wiry in appearance and are very adept at squeezing their way into narrow places. The adult fox is approximately a meter or so in length and may weigh in the region of 6-7 kilograms. Foxes are commonly reddish-brown in colour, with long pointy ears, a bushy tail, and a narrow muzzle.

Unlike rabbits, foxes are not prolific breeders, and will only mate once a year, in late winter or early spring. A vixen may give birth to in the region of 5 cubs in one litter, and they will remain in her care for anything from a quarter to a third of a year before venturing forth on their own. Their lifespan is often between one and three years, with a high number being killed on Britain’s roads.

In the wild, foxes live underground in dens that they have either constructed themselves, or in the vacated homes of other burrowing animals which they have discovered and expanded. In towns and cities, they will look for any location that is untended and overgrown, but may also set up home underneath garden sheds and school outbuildings if they can find a convenient access point – this can be one of the factors that brings them uncomfortably close to children, requiring the specialized services of a firm such as Manchester Pest Control.

The fox as an urban pest

Lately, it seems that foxes are getting a lot braver in the proximity of humans, venturing out more often in daylight. Most of their activity is still reserved for after dark, and they have been known to get into fights with cats and dogs, although it is likely that the fox will more often come away worse from the encounter than your pet. Foxes do however carry a variety of parasites that you would not want transferred to your pet: in addition to roundworm and fleas, foxes may also be afflicted by mites which are responsible for the hair loss and skin disease that are the common symptoms of mange. In severe instances this can result in death.

Foxes can wreck garden and allotment areas in their search for food. If they smell food in a bin and can overturn it or get inside, they will tear the liner to pieces and spread rubbish everywhere. In rural areas, they have been known to cause complete carnage if they find their way inside a chicken coop, as they will often kill not one but all of the chickens they encounter. Pet rabbits and guinea pigs may be at risk if they have hutches outside or in a shed that a fox may gain access to. It can sometimes be distressing for adults and children alike when foxes fight each other at night, as the screams they make are very unsettling.

Fox control Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire

If you are a homeowner who is regularly receiving unwelcome visits from foxes, or a school head or governor who is aware of a fox den in the vicinity of your school or nursery, we recommend you contact Manchester Pest Control to help resolve your fox problem as safely and expediently as possible. It is not something that you can easily resolve on your own as there are legal implications, the foremost of these being that it is illegal to poison a fox.

At Manchester Pest Control, we use humane traps that our experienced technicians install, regularly monitor and swiftly remove following the capture of any foxes. We are particularly concerned not to cause any undue upset to you, your children, or to the fox itself. Furthermore, we can help you to make your property more fox-proof, and provide a variety of solutions for deterring foxes in future, including certain repellents that will work to keep them at bay. For effective fox pest control in your area, phone Manchester Pest Control on 0161 448 1782.

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