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Manchester Flea Treatment

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How do I get rid of fleas?
If this question brought you to our site, don’t despair. You’ll be pleased to know that Manchester Pest Control have all the answers to help you understand what you’re up against and how to remove these nasty little parasites from your home. Half of the battle is understanding the enemy, and with us on your side, homes around Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire can be free of fleas so that you, your family and pets can once again sleep soundly at night.
Facts about fleas
The adult flea is barely a quarter of a centimetre long, and red-brown in colour, so it is no surprise that they are very difficult to spot, particularly when they are concealed in gaps and cracks around your property. They lack wings, but can jump a long way and will try to attach themselves to people or animals in the vicinity so that they can take in a blood meal. Fleas reaching adulthood are only able to reproduce after they have fed on a host’s blood. Under the right conditions, a female flea may live for as long as 18 months, and lay in the region of 5000 eggs during her lifetime!
Flea eggs are tiny and may go unobserved unless clustered in large numbers – often though, they are tucked away in hard-to-reach places, or scattered throughout the home if laid on a human or animal host; the eggs do not attach themselves to the host, and will fall off as the host moves about, unknowingly helping to distribute the eggs all over the house. Flea larvae may hatch from their eggs within days, and will typically feed on organic material such as dead insects, but they will also eat the faeces of adult fleas as it often contains traces of blood.
The flea larvae then enter the next stage of the flea’s life cycle, spinning a cocoon, in which they remain as ‘pupae’ until they are woken by the vibrations of a passing host. Pupae may remain inside their cocoons for several months if a house is empty during that time, but will emerge as adult fleas as soon as they sense that a potential host is nearby. Therefore, it is generally the case that if you encounter fleas in your property, the number of active adults is only a small proportion of the population, with many still at the egg, larvae or pupae phases of development.
Fleas in Manchester’s homes
Fleas are not a sign of an untidy home – it can just be bad luck if you happen to have them in yours. Often, they may have entered the property on a household pet, or on an unwelcome intruder such as a mouse. Second-hand rugs and sofas may also be a method of entry, so be cautious if you think you’ve spotted a bargain – it may come with extra company attached! Remember that although there are many different types of fleas, and they prefer different types of host, they are not fussy as long as there is a ready blood supply available.
You are likely to notice you have a flea problem if your pets become agitated, scratching and grooming themselves repeatedly, or if you are bitten yourself. Flea bites can become inflamed and itchy, and scratching them may cause the bite mark to become infected. Some fleas are capable of transmitting diseases including typhus, tungiasis and bartonellosis, while small children may be exposed to the risk of flea tapeworm if they accidentally consume an infected flea or its faeces during play.
It is also possible to identify the presence of fleas by their faeces, which is coarse and black, and may be found in pets’ bedding and other surfaces such as carpets, rugs and furniture on which a cat or dog may also rest around the home. You may also find their faeces in your own bedding, or your sheets speckled with blood where they have feasted on you during your sleep. At Manchester Pest Control, we appreciate this can be very distressing to Cheshire’s homeowners – bathing your pets and vacuuming your home only addresses the immediate problem.
Get rid of fleas for good!
For fast-acting solutions, contact Manchester Pest Control on 0161 448 1782 and benefit from our expert knowledge. We’re discrete and use unmarked vans so that our customers needn’t worry about what their neighbours might think. Our trained technician will carry out a thorough inspection of your property to determine the extent of the infestation and likely places where fleas and their eggs are concealed. We are familiar with many types of household pests, and can address wider issues for you if it turns out the fleas are a result of mouse or other rodent activity.
The important thing is that Manchester Pest Control can deal with your main flea problem head-on. Throughout the process, we’ll use chemicals that are safe for your family and the environment but which will eliminate the fleas at all stages of their development, in a way that DIY products rarely address to customers’ satisfaction. We’ll also conduct follow-up visits to make sure that the treatment has been fully effective. It is of course important that you carry out certain measures yourself around the time of the treatment and afterwards, as outlined below…
We advise that bedding (yours and your pet’s) is washed at high temperatures and furniture that may contain fleas is treated, while carpets and rugs are vacuumed thoroughly and repeatedly, with vacuum bags sealed and disposed of in bins outside so that fleas do not immediately escape back into your home. We recommend that you seek advice from a local vet about products that you can apply to your pets to keep fleas at bay. And be sure to seal up any holes or cracks through which mice might enter your home carrying more unwanted guests.
Together, we can rid your home of fleas, quickly and without costs spiralling out of control. We’re effective, we’re good value, and we’re local – we’re Manchester Pest Control.

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