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Manchester Pest Control – Ants

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Manchester Pest Control Fact file: Ants


Do you have a problem with ants in your garden or home? Here, Manchester Pest Control share the facts about ants, ways to get rid of them and how to keep them at bay…


Ant information


Ants have a lot in common with wasps, except at least with a regular garden ant there is not the danger of being stung (with red ants, there may still be a risk). Ants also live in colonies which are started by a queen who finds a suitable location where she can burrow down and lay her eggs. Within a month, these eggs have hatched into larvae, which take a further month to grow into adulthood. Early on in the year, the ants that hatch out are sterile females that have the task of making the nest bigger and finding food for the next larvae that hatch.


It is towards the end of the summer that the hatching eggs contain male ants and fertile females that are noticeably larger than the males. This generation of ants is born with wings, and you may observe their large numbers in flight. While they are in flight, these ants will mate, and many will subsequently die. Some females will survive though, and these new queens will begin the nesting process once again, in areas where the ground is soft or there are cracks and gaps they can squeeze into.


Ants and you


Most homeowners will already have a good idea what a nuisance ants can be. Their nesting undermines driveways and paving slabs in your garden, and their excavations may go under or inside your house, patio or shed. They will infiltrate your home in search of anything sweet and sugary that gets their attention, and you may sometimes find a trail of ants leading between the food source they have discovered right back to the nest. If a single, exploring ant locates available food, you can be sure others will quickly join it.


Although ants are not known to carry any diseases, you do not know where they have been beforehand and so we would recommend disposal of any food that you find them on or around. Once ants have found their way into your home, they are likely to persist in their exploration unless they are effectively dealt with. Some ants, such as the white and black ‘ghost ants’ or the tiny brown-black ‘Pharaoh’s ant’ (originally from Egypt!), prefer the warmth of buildings and can be difficult to get rid of once they have established a nest.


Ant control and deterrent


At Manchester Pest Control, we advise you take the following steps for dealing with ants:


  • If there are obvious cracks in your interior or exterior walls, seal them with cement-filler, although be aware that ants may still find their way in through tiny gaps that you can barely see – you may need to look very closely to find their entry point.
  • Do not leave sweet, sugary food uncovered as this will only provide temptation. Airtight containers are best by far.
  • Tidy up any crumbs or liquid spillages on the floor, table and other kitchen surfaces when they happen.
  • Uneaten pet food should be thrown away once you’re sure your pet is done with it.
  • Put food rubbish in a outside dustbin or recycling bin with the lid firmly in place.


A wide selection of DIY powders, sprays and gels are available on the market, though you should read the label carefully as some may only be for outdoor use. It is also better to exercise caution rather than putting poison down indoors in an area where food is prepared, and eaten by people or pets.


Outdoors, you may have a clearer idea about where the nest is located and so can concentrate on getting rid of the ants at their source, but putting poison down in areas where you have seen them exploring will only kill the ants in the immediate vicinity without affecting those in the nest.


An ant infestation within your home can therefore be a problem to deal with if you are not sure where the nest is located, as you will only be able to deal with the immediate, visible threat, only to find more ants on food and surfaces later on. If you’re having problems with ants in Manchester, Stockport or Cheshire, Manchester Pest Control provides a professional service with superior insecticides that target ants in their nest and can deal with an infestation for good.

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