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When cockroaches decide to invade a property, In Manchester Stockport they become a formidable enemy – resistant to many DIY pesticides with a outer armour that protects them from the heaviest blows – numbers alone make cockroaches hard work.
Any sighting of a cockroach must be taken seriously as they can have a detrimental effect to our health. Asthma and eczema sufferers find their symptoms worse if cockroaches are in the area, but they also pose a greater risk for serious conditions like salmonella poisoning, dysentery, and gastro-enteritis as well as affecting the respiratory systems of those prone to allergies.
Cockroaches are experts at hiding during the day, and blend into surroundings at the back of cupboards, under appliances, in that tiny crack in the wall at the back of the toilet – anywhere! When night falls they emerge to have a feast and they aren’t fussy eaters any food or bin areas, animal waste, paper, glue, even material. They can crawl up so whether inside or outside, obstacles don’t pose a problem. Good hiders, good eaters, good breeders! Cockroaches reproduce quickly, and with their immunity to many pesticides, hence numbers soon become overpowering.
How to tell if they are hiding in your house?
Spotting signs of a cockroach infestation will let you know when to seek professional pest control help. Hiding areas are normally damp places or areas with a higher moisture level. In such areas, there will be a constant smell around, which definitely can’t be confused with a typical household fragrance. You may notice small clear or brown lumps or debris lying around which is actually dead skin – cockroaches shed their skin several times before they are mature. If a water source is nearby they can also leave small tube-shaped faeces on the surface or you will see strange brown puddle shapes on the water surface.
If in doubt, call Manchester Pest Control out!
Manchester Pest Control vs The Cockroach
Once we have examined the premises and identified any hubs of cockroach activity, we can start a programme of treatments, using chemicals, traps, and monitoring while the property can be “barricaded” against future infestations. Sometimes our technicians will place sticky bait traps for a short period of time to evaluate the full extent of the infestation, before decided on the best extermination treatment.
All technicians at Manchester Pest Control are experienced and following extensive training by the British Pest Control Association, are licensed in the use of specialist chemicals for the eradication of cockroaches. Different pesticides can be used depending on the particular species of cockroach (there are thousands!) and this is why you can be sure of a cost effective, professional service and avoid wasting time and money trying to deal with cockroaches as a home owner.
Preventing future cockroach visitations
As a home owner, there is still lots you can do in the battle against these critters.
1. Keep the property to a decent standard of hygiene – lots of cleaning!
2. Water and food of all types should be stored effectively in sealed containers
3. Empty bins regularly, especially food recycling bins
4. Reduce clutter, including old boxes and papers in dark seldom used areas of the building. These tend to attract dampness and provide perfect hiding spots or nest areas
5. Regularly inspect the fabric of the building, sealing and blocking any crevices or cracks where cockroaches could pass through or nest.
Cockroach Facts
In the UK the most common species of cockroach are Oriental (dark brown/black in colour about an inch long) and German (slightly smaller and more yellowy brown in colour). Both can stay alive for a month without drinking and up to 3 months without food. They attract mates through smells in their poo, and create egg capsules containing around 16 eggs from which the babies emerge around 7 weeks later. They can shed their skin up to 12 times in the first year of life before they are adult cockroaches and typical live for a further year to 18 months.

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