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Mice Manchester Pest Control – The facts

Some people find the sight of a single mouse a terrifying experience and want to jump on the nearest chair, while others (children in particular) may find these little rodents ‘cute’ and think them relatively harmless. Whatever you might think, Manchester Pest Control are here to warn you that (family pets aside), mice are a real problem and can cause you all manner of trouble if you don’t act fast once you suspect some have invaded your property.

Some Manchester Pest Control facts about mice

1. Mice can squeeze through gaps and holes that are barely half an inch wide, so are very adept at finding their way into people’s homes – they will be attracted by the promise of food and warmth, particularly during the autumn and winter months here in Manchester.

2. Mice are nocturnal and so will most often come out at night. This suits them better because they have poor eyesight, and use their nose, whiskers and ears to detect food and threats. They will usually remain close to the edges of a room while they explore, rather than expose themselves to danger by coming out in the open unless they think there is a good reason to do so.

3. Mice can jump a foot or higher on the spot, and can use flat wall surfaces to propel themselves higher when they leap. Furthermore, they can run up many vertical surfaces. This means that they can reach locations in your kitchen where you might think food is safely out of reach. However, if the food is uncovered and the mouse can smell it, then it will be sure to find a way!

4. Mice can also carry out all manner of gymnastics, walking along (and even hanging upside-down from) narrow ropes and wires to help them reach their goal. They are very capable swimmers, but only take to water if they absolutely need to.

5. Mice will nest anywhere that there is warmth and they are unlikely to be disturbed. Nest sites may include attic insulation, inside wall space and under floorboards, kitchen units or in items of furniture that do not see a lot of daily use.

6. If the conditions are right (enough food and shelter), mice will breed all through the year, with female mice giving birth to litters of approximately half a dozen within 3 weeks, and therefore producing anything up to 10 litters during a year. It only takes just over a month for a new-born mouse to reach adulthood and be capable of breeding, so you can see how an infestation may very quickly occur!

7. Mice do not need much water to survive, and will get whatever nutrients they require by nibbling at anything edible they come across, whether this happens to be dropped crumbs or packaged foods such as seeds and cereals – if they can smell the food, they can nibble through cardboard boxes, non-airtight plastic containers or bags, and will taint any food they come across with their urine and faeces.

8. Mice are incontinent and leave urine and faeces wherever they happen to eat or explore. A solitary mouse may produce as many as 2000 droppings in a single year. These droppings may contain salmonella bacteria, tapeworm eggs and a variety of other diseases that can make adults, children and pets very ill if accidentally ingested as a result of touching faeces or eating contaminated foods.

9. Mice may also bring with them a range of parasites such as ticks and fleas, which can lead to other types of infestation, and associated problems and health risks if people and animals are bitten by these pests. In approximately 10% of cases, a bite from a mouse may transmit the disease known as ‘rate-bite fever’, which can cause a severe skin reaction and vomiting.

10. In addition to the edible items that mice nibble on, they may also chew through household wiring, or urinate on exposed wires, which can cause all manner of electrical problems including shortages, or even spark a fire. So the next time you see a fire engine speeding on its way to a house fire in Manchester, it could be all down to the work of just one small mouse!

Tackling Manchester’s mouse problem

There are certain simple but effective measures that Manchester’s businesses and homeowners can take to keep mice at bay. It is essential that any access points you find are properly sealed, while good hygiene measures (sweeping crumbs off floors and storing food in air-tight containers) are equally important. If mice are already in your property, laying shop-bought traps alongside skirting boards and under furniture may capture one or two, although mice can be very adept at avoiding traps, and a few traps will not keep an infestation at bay.

Your best option for your own peace of mind and to tackle the problem swiftly would be to contact a professional pest control firm such as Manchester Pest Control. Our technicians have a great deal of experience dealing with rodent infestations in Manchester, Stockport and the wider Cheshire area. They will respond to your call quickly and will carry out a full assessment of your property to determine:

• How the mice have been getting in – so that you can take appropriate measures to seal the entry points and prevent further intrusion. Our technician can offer advice on the best materials to use for this.
• Where the nest sites are – once all nest sites have been identified, they can either be removed if in an accessible location, or the surrounding area can be treated with the most effective solution depending on the circumstances. As far as possible, we will use humane methods to capture and dispose of mice rather than causing them unnecessary distress and suffering.
• The best solution for you and your family (or your business and customers) – we have access to a diverse range of traps, as well as industry-approved rodenticides which are highly effective but not available in the shops due to their levels of toxicity. As rodenticides can be highly toxic to humans and other animals, we will discuss their use and application with you to ensure proper safety measures are in place while the treatment is ongoing.

For solutions to mouse problems in Manchester and the surrounding area, be sure to contact Manchester Pest Control on 0161 448 1782

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