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MOUSE Treatment Pest Control Manchester Stockport Cheshire

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Mice effects 70% of homes in Manchester Stockport Cheshire at some stage
Mice are a common pest in any urban area, and with the high prevalence in domestic properties, it stands to reason mice can also be present in busy commercial premises, like the many establishments Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire have to offer! Mice invade businesses for any number of reasons – not necessarily a reflection on hygiene standards – but things like nearby building works, flooding, cold weather or simply delicious food are all reasons why mice can be attracted to particular locations.
With many properties so close together in the area, it’s easy for mice to pass from one location to another, spreading rapidly and being a real nuisance. Furthermore, mice can present a serious health risk to users of the building with diseases such as salmonella, hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Murine Typhus spreading to humans through contact with mouse droppings and urine, that can often go unnoticed on kitchen surfaces. Considerable damage can also be caused by these tiny creatures with extensive nibbling of furniture, flooring and fabric of the building – mice have also caused many fires by gnawing electrical cables within walls and ceilings. Mice can enter a property through the smallest of gaps, especially where pipework comes throughs walls into kitchens.
Things to look out for…
• Droppings look like dark grains or rice or smaller – like a sesame seed
• Shredding bits of paper, foil or wood can be found near nesting or feeding areas. Often in corners of storerooms or cellars where busy kitchen staff don’t always have time to stop and look.
• You may be aware of scratching or squeaking sounds behind floors, walls or ceilings, particularly on entry to the property first thing after a period of being undisturbed.
• Holes in the packaging or other damage of food stuffs
Multiplying Mice
Mice breed all year round, and with 20 day pregnancy and litter of up to 12 each time, which soon reach sexual maturity themselves, a population can get out of control within months. Prompt effective professional action will stop mice ruining your business – catching 1 is simply not enough. Mice are between 5 and 10 cm long with a tail around the same length as their body. There will be no hair on their ears or tails, and can be brown or grey in colour.
Manchester Pest Control WILL solve your mouse problem
On arrival our experienced trained technicians will carry out a thorough investigation around the building including the exterior, in search of entry points, nest locations and possible food routes. It is possible to use UV dust traps which allow for precise tracking of the pests in some cases if they are proving well hidden. We will then use a process of seed baiting and trapping, (varies with individual premises and budgets) to ensure the problem is brought under control, as quickly, humanely and unobtrusive manner possible. A second follow up visit is included to assess effectiveness, re-set or replace any mechanisms or dispose of by-products accordingly. third and final visit 3 weeks later. We can also provide advice and quotations for external proofing to the building to ensure future entry isn’t possible. Manchester Pest Control fully guarantee the service provided to ensure you get value for money and a problem solved.
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