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Pest Control Manchester Mice And Rat Treatment

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Manchester Pest Control Rat and Mice
Is your home or business being targeted by vermin? Have you seen mice or rats inside your property or sniffing around outside?
The truth is, where you see one rodent, there are often just as likely to be more in hiding nearby. Even a rat or mouse on their own can carry with it the threat of disease, or be potentially damaging to business if a customer sees one on your premises. But several rats or mice will breed quickly and in a very short time this can lead to a full blown infestation. As well as health and reputational risks, there is also the danger of damage to your property itself as these intruders will eat their way through wall cavities, furniture, prized possessions and electrical wiring!
Here in the Manchester area, and more widely throughout Stockport and Cheshire, Manchester Pest Control delivers a professional service to local businesses and home-owners. We are on hand to respond quickly once we get your call, we are discreet and environmentally conscious, up-to-date in the equipment and techniques we use, and can offer highly competitive prices. Furthermore, we can provide humane methods for trapping and disposal of rodents, as well as providing advice to our customers, and a follow-up service if required.
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Alternatively, if you have come here looking for information, please feel welcome to read on.
Despite being similar types of rodent, there are differences (not just in size) between rats and mice in terms of their behaviour and the problems they present. Here Manchester Pest Control takes a closer look at each of them so that you may have a better idea of what you are dealing with.
Problems with mice
Smaller than the rat, a mouse can get into places that a rat cannot so easily access. They can jump 1.5ft in the air so may even be able to get up onto some shelves that you think would be out of reach to them. They are active all year round and are drawn to homes and businesses by the offer of protection against the weather and predators, but also by the prospect of food in ready supply. Mice can sniff out food that isn’t kept in sealed containers, and may also use their sharp teeth to eat their way through food packaging.
Food that has been touched by a mouse should be immediately thrown away. Mice are carriers of a number of diseases (including Hantavirus, Lyme disease, leptospirosis and salmonella) which can be transmitted through saliva, urine and faeces. They will urinate and defecate almost constantly as they explore, and surfaces will need to be thoroughly cleansed before you consider preparing or serving food on them. Bear in mind that mice are not fussy eaters and will target many types of food, not just cheese and chocolate!
You are most likely to encounter house and field mice, which come in a variety of colours (e.g. black, grey, white). Even if you don’t see them, you will be aware of their activity from the many droppings they leave behind, and the strong smell of their urine. If they are comfortably at home, they are likely to build a nest close to any food source, and will breed often, with litters of 10-12 at a time which are also capable of breeding within just a couple of months, which is how infestations quickly take hold.
Problems with rats
Rats are quite intelligent creatures and will work together for their mutual benefit, so if a rat finds a suitable location for nesting or obtaining food, it will let its friends know and they will move in together. They are good at digging, and will make homes in the ground but are also happy in sewers, alongside riverbanks and inside houses, factories or other commercial premises. A breeding pair living in comfortable conditions may be able to produce an offspring of several thousand in just one year. It is estimated that the brown rat population of the UK is well in excess of 10 million!
Rats leave behind droppings much larger than those of mice, generally pellets 10-20mm in length. With sharper teeth combined with their digging abilities, they can do more damage to the interiors of properties and at a faster rate. Their urine also has a strong smell to it, and they can be carriers of many diseases (including Rat bite fever, Weil’s disease, trichinosis and salmonella). Rats may have fleas, ticks and lice in their fur, all of which can be an irritation to humans and can themselves be carriers of blood diseases.
Mouse and rat pest control solutions
In some cases, rat and mouse prevention can be as simple as ensuring that lids are kept on outdoor bins, that food inside your premises is stored securely, and any kind of food or liquid spillages are cleaned up when they happen. Properties should be routinely inspected for potential access points, such as gaps in brickwork or rotting doorframes. And leaving doors open on a regular basis (particularly if they open onto gardens, fields, or alleyways) is something to be discouraged as well. Sometimes people make it too easy for rodents to enter their property in the first place.
If it is already too late for prevention and you have noticed signs of rodent activity, Manchester Pest Control is on hand to help customers across the whole of Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire. Here is what you can expect:
• A fast response to your call – we will do everything in our power to eliminate the problem once we are made aware of it
• Experienced pest control technicians with specialist detection equipment and knowledge of the latest techniques
• An environmentally conscious approach, with consideration for your health and welfare, and that of your family or clients
• Trapping equipment which can be used in line with your requirements (e.g. humane trapping and disposal)
• Repeat visits until we can be sure any infestation has been thoroughly disposed of
• Advice to prevent a reoccurrence of the problem once it has been dealt with
• A realistic price for the job in question

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