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Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!


People are often surprised to learn that while bed bugs love mattresses and hiding within bed frames, these little critters can be found in other areas such as bedside tables, headboards, pictures frames, electrical sockets, behind loose wallpaper, – even in your favourite armchair! Bed bugs are drawn to the heat, vibration and the carbon dioxide we exhale while we are sleeping. When they find us they feed on nice warm blood.  So if you find a reddish-brown flat, oval creature measuring around half a cm, it’s likely to be a bed bug, even if not in a bed!


Bed bugs generally enter a property via luggage or soft materials including furnishings, whether that’s from a second hand shop or brought back from travels. In extreme cases, they can come from the house next door, especially if it has just been vacated – they won’t let brick walls prevent them getting a warm meal. Each bed bug takes around 10 minutes to “eat” but on the plus side, they only eat every five to ten days.  If you are being bitten frequently, the larger the infestation will be.


What risk do bed bugs pose to human health?


While they don’t actually spread disease, the biggest risk was thought to be topical bacterial infections when the discomfort of a bite causes intense scratching and trauma to the skin. More recently, research has shown bed bugs to harbor the Hepatitis B virus, among other viruses.  This remains in their droppings which can then enter our bloodstream when we scratch the bite site.


Breeding bed bugs quickly means bigger risk & discomfort for humans


Bed bugs are prolific breeders when there is plenty of food and a warm environment.   A female can live around 18 months, laying up to 12 eggs a day (around 500 eggs during a lifetime).  Each egg hatches within 2 weeks, revealing tiny bugs called nymphs, which look similar to the adults, just paler and smaller.  They go through 5 phases of maturing before becoming an adult bed bug between 5 and 9 weeks later.


How can Manchester Pest Control help with a bed bug infestation?


Adult bed bugs can last for up to 8 months without feeding so simply removing the food source isn’t practical. Whilst you can prevent further eggs from hatching by using extremes of temperature, this would cause unbearable human living conditions! Many traditional chemical treatments have become less effective against bed bugs as they appear to develop a level of resistance to treatment. However we use a combination of the latest chemicals when treating an infestation, to ensure this pest is eliminated.  As with all our pest control measures, our trained technicians are on hand to offer advice on how to prevent future infestations, and how to check for early signs of these unwanted visitors.  As with many pests, the quicker their presence is identified the easier treatment will be. So if in doubt, call Manchester Pest Control out today and we will swiftly diagnose, and treat, any bed bug or other pest problem.


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