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Manchester Pigeon control and proofing

In large urban areas such as Manchester, feral pigeons are a common sight, strutting about and cooing and squabbling over scraps of abandoned food waste. It is perhaps no surprise then that such a varied diet disagrees with their digestive systems, resulting in a terrible mess on the exteriors of buildings, monuments, and areas under which pigeons roost.

Manchester Pest Control are called upon on a regular basis to deal with pigeons that are posing a problem to both residential and business premises. Here we outline some of the health and other concerns posed by pigeons, and also look at their origins and the most effective solutions for keeping them at bay.

A health risk for people and property

As well as making for an unpleasant sight, pigeon faeces has several other properties that make it both damaging and dangerous. The faeces contains uric acid which is a by-product of the pigeon’s kidneys not being able to filter waste, and as you might expect from something acidic, this can have a highly damaging effect on the external surfaces of buildings.

Pigeon faeces also poses a threat to people as it contains a range of bacteria such as Salmonella and Psittacosis which can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and fever, and can be life-threatening. When pigeon faeces dries, the bacteria becomes airborne and can be inhaled by humans if they are in too close a proximity to it. Any skin that comes into contact with pigeon faeces, whether dry or otherwise, should be washed immediately as it can cause irritation, and the bacteria may inadvertently find its way from a person’s hands into their mouths when eating.

If pigeons find a way inside your roof space (for instance, via an area of damaged or deteriorated roofing material), this can provide them with an ideal location to nest as it is likely to be warmer than outside and also affords protection from bird of prey. Feral pigeons are carriers of assorted ticks, fleas and mites which can be found on the birds and in their nests, and can spread to the area surrounding the nest, leading to pest infestations within properties upon which pigeons make their nests.

Feral pigeon origins

The feral pigeons that we see on our streets today were once domestic pigeons that would have been kept as pets or used as homing pigeons, but which escaped to the wild. Here, they found a preference for nesting on mountainsides and coastal cliffs and earned themselves the new title of ‘Rock Dove’. In more recent times, they have returned to towns and cities, but still have a fondness for nesting in high places such as on window sills, roofs and ledges.

The noise of urban surroundings is something that the modern feral pigeon seems to be completely at home with, so they are not likely to be deterred by any kind of shouting and gesturing, and will keep returning to land again on a property even if they take flight initially. This is where pigeon proofing plays a vital role…

Humane pigeon control methods

Killing pigeons is not a method of control that Manchester Pest Control subscribes to, nor is it particularly effective beyond the short-term. This is because of the rate at which the population breeds and the fact that more will pigeons will only move in from other locations to replace the ones no longer living there. In the right conditions female pigeons can lay batches of several eggs at a time, up to eight times a year, and the young are capable of breeding after five or six months.

The most effective, and humane, solution is to install pigeon proofing in the areas where pigeons are more likely to roost. Netting can prevent pigeons accessing certain locations, while spikes and wires deter them from landing – the spikes are not actually harmful to pigeons, but their presence on the outside of a building makes it more difficult for pigeons to find purchase. They will soon give up and move further afield in search of easier targets for their nest building activities.

If you have a problem with pigeons repeatedly landing on or roosting on your property, Manchester Pest Control are available to carry out a full inspection to determine the appropriate pigeon proofing solutions for your home or business. We can also provide a thorough clean-up of any areas where pigeons have made a mess, to avoid any lasting damage and to improve the look of the building. We’re available to provide this service in Manchester, Stockport and Cheshire – call us to resolve your pigeon problems today!

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