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Mill Moth

Size, Shape and Colour: These moths are 10-14mm in length, with a wingspan of 20-22mm. Their front
wings are blue-grey in colour with bars of navy and small spots at the end of the wings. The back wings
are whitish in colour.

Larva are creamy white in colour and approximately 16mm in length. Along the back they have a couple
of lines of spots with a dark ring at each end. The pupa starts with yellow in colour then just before
emerging to a moth turns to a reddish brown.

Biology: Shortly after emerging from the pupa the female lays about 350 eggs. Between 4-28 days the
eggs will hatch, the larvae waste no time finding a food source and binding together supplies.

Careful – as this spinning of threads may cause machinery to clog. After about 3-5 moults the larvae
reach 15-19mm in length. Pupation happens in food stuffs and sometimes over winter which last for
approximately 16 days. The life span in the UK is roughly 3-6 months. The Mill Moth is able to cope with
low temperatures of as low as 10C.

Preferred Foods: The adult moths are active in the evening and early morning and tend not to feed.
Their preferred food would be nuts, flour based food, bran, cereals.

Habitat: Found throughout the UK in areas where flour is used regularly for example in bakeries or flour
mills. Can be a sign of poor housekeeping. Also found in dust collection bags, silos or flour bins.

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